Admittedly, I picked an awful month to talk about style for the year. Or maybe, it’s actually perfect. With freezing temperatures (hopefully) behind us and warmer weather ahead, it’s certainly a period of transition. Even from the morning to the evening the temperature is just unpredictable and all over the place. My closet is currently in flux. I’d love to be able to switch it over completely, but that doesn’t seem 100% possible given the maybe-still-cool-weather.
Anyway, I feel like not only am I dealing with an in-between season wardrobe, but I’m also learning a lot more about my style. That word just seems so not me to begin with. Honestly, I am not a super “stylish” person. I love shoes and I love dresses, but I’m definitely not someone who has this innate desire to dress to the nines every day. I’d rather just look at pretty clothes… and wear pajamas.
But, I do like to be put together. And I will say that my “style” (seriously, I use that word loosely here) has absolutely evolved. A huge part of the evolution was simply moving out of Florida. Florida… I love you, but my goodness… I can do without some of the trends that occur there. Georgetown was a little bit of a culture shock; it’s totally different than Florida, but I really loved it. Hunters, skinny jeans, and OCBDs? I can deal.
Now that I’m in New York, I feel like everything is evolving again with me. My relationships, my friendships, my work ethic, my hobbies, my interests… and my style. I dress so differently than I have in the past. I’m drawn to different clothes in stores. I’m wearing a lot of clothes that I’ve had forever, but in a little bit of a different way. I just feel different in general and what I choose to buy and wear reflects that.
I think part of this is that I’m just simply growing up. What I wore in college just doesn’t feel right anymore. Another part is that New York has a very strong influence on, well, everything. While I haven’t gone gluten free or vegan, I feel like that’s going to be next or something… sheesh! And… I actually have my own money to spend (hello, perk of the Real World!).
One thing has remained constant. I have to be comfortable. I simply refuse to wear clothes that I don’t feel good in. I just can’t do it. I try to wear shoes that pinch or shirts that scratch, but I’m a lost cause. Oh well.
Yea, these two outfits… I could basically live in. Literally. Ridiculously simply, so so so little effort.
There are about forty different things that I don’t like about being 23, but I’m trying to embrace this awkward not-quite-a-child, not-quite-feeling-like-an-adult stage. How I dress will hopefully sort itself out along side me.
Do you have a “signature style”? Is your style evolving or changing based on life stages or locations?

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Cardigans and Chai

I like to keep things pretty simple!! Half the time I get the most compliments on my "spring uniform" that consists of dresses, lightweight cardigans and Jacks or ballet flats if I add a bold necklace! An accessory or two always makes everyone think I spent more than 5 minutes on my outfit, I have them fooled!

Shelby Foster

Striped dresses (striped anything!) are a frequent pick when I get dressed in the morning. And I'm like you, I HAVE to be comfortable. I want to be able to go about my day without thinking about or worrying about whatever I chose to wear that day. And I feel your pain about the crazy up-and-down weather. In Dallas yesterday – 70 degrees and sunny. Today? Pouring rain and 40 degrees. Tomorrow? 70 and sunny again (at least that's what the weather says now!) Texas weather is notorious for changing at the drop of a hat. I have yet to be able to put away all my winter stuff too!

Shelby | The Southernista

Lindley Anne

I am right there with you in witnessing my style evolve in the young adult world! Over the course of the last couple of years since college, I have ridded my closet of many unfortunate 'going out' pieces and gradually added more classic and lifetime pieces that are more true to my general look and self! It's such a fun process but can be challenging at times :)! Love your picks above!


Michelle Raven

Even though I am at a different transitional stage in my life (I've just begun my college career), I feel my style is changing as well! It is so funny to look back and see what I used to feel was stylish and nice and now I don't feel that way at all! Loved the pictures you included, cute outfits!

– Michelle

Sam (Savvy City Chic)

My style depends on the season. In the summer, I live in cute fun dresses. I'm actually known for them now at two different jobs. In winter, I'm still kinda a mess and learning to look cute while it is freezing cold out.


my last job had a very strict dress code. but the job i have now doesn't have any. it is so strange to go from being told what to wear to being able to wear pajamas to work if i wanted. i try to still dress nice sometimes comfort and warmth win.

Michelle's Life

My style is changing I feel more and more as the years go by. When I was in high school I wore sweatpants and sweatshirts and when I graduated I kept dressing that way. Now I have this vintage chic and preppy look and I really feel good and comfortable. I'm still in college so my look might change but for right now I'm enjoying my look!