Grungy Gentleman for Dickies

Jace from Grungy Gentleman is an interesting guy.  We’ve emailed back and forth over the past year or so, and he’s pretty darn talented.
He just designed a line for Dickies, and it’s super prep.  I’m loving it.  Totally wish I had a cute guy to buy everything for.  (Aka, if you have a boyfriend… here’s the perfect gift guide.)
[CP Sidenote: I asked if guys read College Prep, and got tons of emails saying yes… SO, you’ll enjoy this!]
Here’s what Jace had to say about his collection in and interview with
“While I respect playful and think it’s a key component to keeping things both innovative and creative in our industry, Dickies spring ’12 is a very believable collection. There is a great amount of heritage within ‘the Dickies’ brand name. I did not want to stray completely away from the brand, I wanted to give my take on the line, while making it believable to the consumer and the brands aesthetic.”
Take a quick peek at the line:

1) I love elbow patches
2) Seersucker ones?  Even better.

Such a fun twist on a classic.  Love the unexpected pop of color!
You can find the rest of the preview on Jace’s blog.
What do you think???

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I looooveee menswear. whenever I'm caught in the men's section of a store, I just use the excuse of shopping for my brother.