VALORIE arts and accessories

So I’ve realized something after a bit of research.. one thing is very clear.  No one reads blogs on Saturdays.  Why could this be?  My Twitter feed answered that question for me:  College football.
The good news is that I think you all will love these accessories.  I’ve blogged about VALORIE before (Christmas ornaments), but I wanted to revisit the super cute accessories for college football.
I love how you all are die-hard fans of your schools and alma maters.  I wish Georgetown was as spirited about the football games.  The accessories are totally customizable, so you can dictate exactly what you want.  Traditions, sororities, monograms, special colors… you name it, she paints it!

(House Divided frames… too funny!)

Even belts!  (Plant, my high school, takes school spirit to a ridiculous level!)
You can even request strange things.  Like my monogrammed oar!
Because of the level of customization, each order is unique.  There isn’t an “add to cart” button.  Which is actually the best part.  Whatever you order is going to be totally unique and completely tailored to what you want!  Just pop onto the FB page, take a peak around, and message her about brainstorming what you’d like to see made!
PS these make great gifts!

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Love the bracelets/cuffs (whatever they are called). I appreciate anything handmade.

I agree, I love reading blogs on Saturday mornings…. I feel like I can take my time and enjoy them while drinking my coffee 🙂


OMG, I adore your oar! So cute! And I get a ton of my blogging done Saturdays; my family's alma maters aren't big on football.