Guest Post by LITTLE V!

Little V’s Stack
(CP sidenote: she’s also on twitter now muahahaha… next step, starting her blog… It WILL happen. Puppies & Ponies perhaps?)
A twist on your traditional “stacks”. 
My absolute favorite stack consists of 3 pieces.  I always wear them when I head into my internship every Friday at the Carbon War Room. 
The first piece is a bracelet from my trip to South Africa last summer. 
I went with the group College Prepster often posts about, Grassroot Hoyas.  We brought 9 middle school kids from DC to Johannesburg South Africa during World Cup 2010 and partnered them with 6 students from Soweto in an HIV/AIDS education curriculum.  The trip was life-changing, and the kids we worked with were absolutely amazing; the bracelet reminds me of my fond memories.  
The watch is Anne Klein- it is simple and petite, and reminds me of the importance of Time Management!  I am on a Varsity rowing team, Equestrian team, writing a thesis, and have an internship, so literally every minute counts! 
The last piece: a Tiffany’s pearl bracelet- a gift from the boyfriend (College Prepster- he doesn’t have a CP persona)!  One day the bracelet broke- I was horrified! I took it in to Tiffany’s and they fixed it and shipped it back to me ASAP (for free of course).  
What does your stack mean to you?
Little V

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Two stacks for me.
Left wrist all gold. (charm bracelet started in HS and still added to, multiple gifts from the hubby) Right are silver~ rolex along with Hello Kitty diamond bracelet, an alligator cuff, several Tiffy gifts and other from travels to India etc. Jewelry was meant to hold memories and to be worn!

Mrs. Kindergarten


I love your stack! Mine is my Pandora charm bracelet, my mothers Lia Sephora bracelett and my watch. Soon to come is a Kate Spade bangle, I just can't decide which one!