Standing out in a sea of black

A few readers have asked what they should wear for business-y events.
Well, first, refer back to a guest post written by my cousin.
Okay, back?
Banana Republic and Ann Taylor always have a BUNCH of options.  And the great thing about business wear is that it’s pretty consistent over the years.  This is good for two reasons: 1) You can invest in attire and know that you’ll be able to wear it for a long while and 2) You can always find great deals since the styles never go out of season!
banana republic
Some stylings from Banana Republic and Ann Taylor.
ann taylor
I’m in the business school at Georgetown, and we occasionally have to dress up for presentations.  I have a collection of skirts that I can mix and match with sweater sets or button downs (depending on the type of presentation).
But I am a HUGE fan of business dresses.  I would prefer to wear a dress any day.  It’s so much more comfortable!!!
For business casual looks, I’m a huge fan of the skirt + sweater look.  Just remember to make sure the skirt if long enough and the sweater covers everything.
To save some money, I highly recommend traveling to a Banana Republic outlet store.  I got a bunch of skirts for legitimately five dollars.  Also, I got two pairs of pumps for the price of one.  Woo!

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Love those fun polka dot tights! What a great business casual outfit. I wear Lilly dresses a lot with oxfords underneath which makes them a bit more work appropriate.