New Use for Old Thing

Any Real Simple fans out there?  I’m personally obsessed.
One of my favorite parts of the magazine is the section where they show you new uses for old things.
The other day, Little V had a little situation with her riding boot.  The zipper split!
Not good.
However, Soccer Mom taught me this trick over the summer.  You see, the zipper on my Lilly wallet kept peeling apart, where even if I zipped the zipper, it didn’t shut.  SM taught me to rub a candle on the zipper. Adding the wax makes the zipper close again!
But, Little V and I didn’t have a candle in the house.  So what did we do?
Genius, no?
It worked like a charm.
Blister Block
Original purpose: Preventing blisters from forming while breaking in your new Tory Burch Revas.
Aha! use: Getting a stubborn zipper to zip back to life.  Rub the wax stick up and down the track of both sides of the zipper and begin shimmying the pull up and down.
Reward: Riding boots that don’t need replacing!

ps don’t forget about the giveaway!

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Miss Liss

haha preventing blisters while breaking in Revas- definitely should have gotten that for my TB Flats.

I've never heard of it before!

Cool zipper solution, have to remember that!

North Coast Prepster

She can also get the zippers replaced – any local shoe repair place can do it. Are those Vogels? They look like they are in need of some TLC…you can also send them back to Vogel for repairs (they made mine look like new!!)


I saw on twitter that you have a really busy week coming up? Can you post the pictures of your lists and do a post about how you are managing all of you work?


i bet those are ariat boots. they have had ALOT of trouble with the zippers the past two years. i worked for a tack shop that carried them and we were sending boots back every other week. that is a good quick fix but they are just going to keep doing that. tell little v to call ariat if she got them in the last year and have them replace the zipper 🙂


I have had the same problem with my riding boots, and yes! It is a temprorary solution, however with ariat if you send the boots back, they will either A) replace the zipper for free, or B) replace the boots, but call ahead just to make sure that this is still their policy

XOXO Little V

Thanks for all the advice re the boots! Yes they are ariats…but a) I bought them on EBAY for $60 and b) they don't quite fit my calfs anymore 🙁 I think that is why they broke….so on the prowl for some new boots!

XOXO Little V