Guest Post: Tariro from Peppermint & Ivy

I’m really excited to have Tariro guest posting.  I can never get over how talented she is for curating cute pieces for outfits.  And then I remember how young she is (a sophomore in high school) and I’m even more blown away!  I see big, big things for Tariro!!!
Hi everyone! It’s Tariro from Peppermint & Ivy, and I’m here to share with you all some of my favorite shoes to wear this fall. I’m not the biggest fan of cold weather, but I’ve come to the resolution that if I’m gonna go through it, i’ll go through it with style, especially in shoes. I’ve decided that this fall, I want my shoes to be stylish but also comfortable when bearing the weather. There are so many cute, comfy and stylish options for shoes you can wear this fall, so you can look just as great in the cold weather as you do in the summer time!
Stepping Into Fall
The Summaries:
Flats & Moccasins: I’ve always been a huge fan of moccasins because of how comfortable they are, and I’ve just recently begun to fall for flats! Both of these types of shoes come in so many different colors, and flats come in tons of patterns, so they’ve begun a perfect go-to option when I’m getting dressed and can be paired with anything! Moccasins have the nice warm lining, and sometimes I wear flats with small socks to keep my feet warm, so with a pair of these I’m good to go.
Riding Boots: I absolutely love riding boots! They’re so classic, so simple, and absolutely perfect! I love pairing my boots with skinny jeans, a slouchy sweater, and a scarf. Riding boots have also become another pair of shoes I can just pull on and know that my outfit is complete, and they just add an amazing sense of prep and style to any outfit.
Desert Shoes: When I was little, I had my own tiny pair of desert shoes just like my dad and I loved them! So, when I went shoe shopping, I knew exactly what I wanted. I really love all the new colors of desert shoes coming out, but I’ve kept it simple by buying a of brown suede pair. I love how versatile they are, and they’re just so comfortable.
Loafers: Though these could also be paired with flats, I feel like they aren’t exactly flats, maybe they’re just in the flat family. Either way, I recently purchased a pair of leopard print loafers, and I couldn’t be happier! They are so cute, the pattern is gorgeous, and they’re so comfortable! Though they’re new, I know they’re gonna be my number 1 favorite shoes for a while. I’ve realized that wearing socks with loafers makes my feet feel even warmer, so I’ll be doing a lot of that too.
Tall Uggs: I’ve had my pair of Uggs for about 2 years now, and they’ve yet to let me down! They’re so warm and absolutely comfortable, so after a hard day of sports or during a day of stressful schoolwork, these are the shoes I run straight to.
Hiking Boots: There’s something about hiking boots. I’m not sure exactly what it is, but I just really like them! They’ve sort of become the cool shoes in my closet, and whenever I’m going for that “lumberjack-chic” look I pull them on. Though I’ve only been hiking once, these are strictly for style, but I love them either way!

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Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to guest post for you!! Hearing what you said about my future means so much to me, because you're definitely at the places or have been to the places I want to go!

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Super Amazing contents. thanks for sharing. yes having all variety of boots and footwears serves the purpose for all seasons than just having one and many on the same collection