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Melissa {Sweet Lemon Mag editorial stylist} is guest posting today.  She’s thinking about starting a blog and she has my FULL support!  I love her taste in design, clothes, decor… everything.  Her eye for detail is always spot on!!!  I thought it would be fun to have her come up with a post… and maybe convince her to actually start that blog of hers 😉

You Give Me Fever: 5 Easy Updates to Make Your Space Feel Like Spring
Sick with spring fever? Me too. I can’t for wait for the season of sundresses, new blooms … and of course, coffee and cocktails al fresco. While you’re enduring a few more weeks of winter, here are a few quick fixes to make it feel like Spring has arrived a little bit earlier in your place.
1. Pick up a bouquet of fresh flowers. Whether you grab them outside, at your grocery store or at a local farmers market (I find these stay freshest the longest), you’ll catch yourself smiling when you walk into a room with these blooming beauties. I usually choose hydrangeas around this time of year, but as soon as peonies are in season I snap them right up! 
2. Clean & organize. It’s called “Spring Cleaning” for a reason, right? When you’re finished scrubbing, dusting and organizing, your place will look like a million bucks and you’ll feel ready to take on the new season. Don’t forget to open a window and let the fresh air in! 
3. Add something bright into the mix. Just an accent or two will do. Pick up new throw pillows for your couch, curtains for your windows or some bright coffee table books for your desk.
4. Squeeze some fresh juice. Grapefruit is my favorite – it’s bright pink, packed with vitamins … and the leftovers make for a mean margarita.
5. Create a Spring playlist. Choose only your favorite upbeat songs, turn the volume all the way up and dance around your room (it’s a requirement). 

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