oxford blues

One of my favorite things about being home is being able to shop in Nordstrom.  M Street is great, don’t get me wrong.  I love being able to walk around outdoors when it’s beautiful out.  Popping in and out of stores and running into friends practically every five feet!
But, there is just something about a department store that I love.  Makeup, clothes, purses…. shoes.  Oh, I love it.  I’m really trying to be better about the number of shoes I buy, but I think I fell in love with about 40 pairs in Nordstrom.
Let me start by saying that I’m incredibly jealous of guys.  I love men’s fashion (and sorry to say, but it definitely seems much easier……).  Men’s shoes have always been an obsession of mine.  Don’t you notice what kind of shoes a guy is wearing and either vote “Yes” or “No” almost instantly.  It’s a major plus when a guy is wearing good shoes!  Oxford shoes for women have definitely been around for some time, but I never thought they were exactly “feminine.”  Super happy to report that I think all the oxfords are cute and feminine and perfect.
The only problem is choosing which pair to buy!

Which to choose?!?!?!

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Wow definitely those Paxtons! Super cute bow, and a perfect way to make an outfit interesting! those Dolce Vitas are nice too, both colors are great to work with any outfit 🙂

Morgan K

I love them all! I've always thought oxfords were cute, but I never know what to wear with them. These are so cute, though, that I just might have to buy myself a pair now! I would definitely LOVE to see what kind of outfits you would wear with them for inspiration.


I completely know what you mean about Nordies, we don't even have one (or a target) in Vermont where I go to school!
I really like either 8 or 4, the neutral colors are so cute and they'll work for spring, too.


I agree. Many times in jcrew I like the mens shoes and I'm like why can't they make these in women. Even though I am 5ft, I am a girl who only wears flats. I would love a leather oxford in brown. so hard to find one borrowed from the mens


I love #4! If you're ever looking for a Nordstroms in DC, take a 30 bus to Frienship Heights! There's a Bloomingdales, Nordstroms, Lord and Taylor, etc. It only takes about 15 or 20 minutes and drops you off right by the stores! DC has more to offer than just M Street (although technically Friendship Heights sits partially in Maryland)!

manni< 3

I tried on the first ones (Paxtons) in store and, while incredibly cute in all the colors, they felt a really flimsy…I was so disappointed.