Apple Pie Gum… Sounds disgusting, but honestly it’s great.  Have you ever had an apple pie from McDonalds?  The kind that comes in a cardboard sleeve?
That’s what this tastes like.
This is a really weird discovery for me because….
1.  I hate gum.
2.  I hate gum.
3.  I hate gum.
Want to know the background?
For starters, the sound of it drives me crazy.  I don’t like listening to myself chew (and do not get me started on listening to other people chew) gum.
Besides that though, I had a run in with gum that forever changed my ability to chew gum comfortably.  My middle school took a group of eighth graders to Italy for a field trip.
It was an amazing trip.  We went so many places and experienced a type of independence that we didn’t have before.  Beyond incredible.  However, being fourteen…. we all loved the (super) long bus rides through the mountains of Italy.  We gossiped, listened to old Disney songs, and napped.
And after a week of these insane bus rides, we started weird competitions.
(Did I mention how competitive my group of friends and I were?)
Who could smile the longest… not talk for the longest time… and, the kicker, who could chew the same piece of gum for the longest.
I swear, my jaw has never been the same.
Long story short, although I can’t chew gum for more than five minutes due to my anxiety and jaw issues, this Apple Pie Extra Dessert Delights gum is pretty good.

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Lauren Geiger

I agree…I like the mint chocolate chip too! It's delish! Last night I went to the movies…and I REALLY wanted some pop corn…but instead I but a piece of this deliciousness in my mouth and it did the trick. 🙂


Those are pretty good! I chew mint gum, but I'm pretty silent from formative years spent at a Catholic school with a gum ban.