Half Snow Day!

Last night rumors around the dorms were circulating about school cancellations.  I was honestly hoping that we still had class because I really wanted to get my ethics midterm out of the way.  I can’t have it hanging over my head anymore! 

My roommate and I woke up to our Blackberry’s buzzing about classes being cancelled until noon, which was PERFECT!  I had planned to take the midterm at 11, but the class wasn’t until 1:15 (long story..).  I crossed my fingers and emailed my professor making sure I could still take it at 11 and he promptly responded ‘Yep’.  It’s great because my spanish class was cancelled so I could study for an extra hour.
The snow was coming down so hard this morning.  And then it stopped, but the wind was so bad that the snow was whipping around.  It’s freezing too.  I was walking to breakfast when snow started falling from the roof of a building.  Not fun.  Luckily I was wearing boots and my Vineyard Vines Nor’Easter jacket.  
Anyways, my exam.  Hard.  But I had studied really well for it.  YAY!  I had 96 pages of lecture notes, which took me 3 and half hours just to read through.  I read for a second time and highlighted/underlined important things… Then I typed what I highlighted and made a 12 page condensed version of the notes.  I studied that and made flash cards with the important general ideas, leaving out the tiny details.  I am so happy I did all of this because it was exactly what was needed for the exam.  PHEW.  I’m also relieved it’s over!
I have practice at 2:50, so I’m taking a study-free break until then.  Afterwards, I’ll hit up my accounting notes.  
Enjoy the snow!
-College Prepster

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Sounds like your studying once again pays off!!! Before you know it the cherry blossoms (pink of course) will be in blossom in DC.Always loved being in DC at Easter time to see them. Good luck on rest of exams still coming up…then you can relax before getting ready for the finals of your Freshman year!!!