Half Birthday

So today is my half birthday, which normally I don’t think is a big deal… except when I realized that it was literally my last 6 months as a teenager.
I will have been alive for two decades… TWO DECADES??? WHAT?!?
This is crazy! Twenty just seems so old!  Plus, I was technically born in the eighties, haha… 
I literally studied for eight hours over the course of the day and have WAY more studying to do today.  My ethics class has a midterm on Monday and we have had 96 pages of notes.  Bleh.  I still have to study for my Accounting Midterm, too.
I hope y’all have a good rest of the weekend!
-College Prepster

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Happy “half birthday”!!! Enjoy each decade as it comes…there is always something new and exciting with each one!!! I just might add…it was “YOU” in the 80’s…