Cute Coasters!

So this is going to just be a quick little post!

Practice this morning was AMAZING!  I was feeling a little uneasy about crew and the time commitment, but I have re-fallen in love with it 🙂  I think I was just sick of boring erg practices.  I thought it might be a smidge rainy, but it was PERFECT!  And not too cold!  
Unfortunately, I had to rush back to campus for my 9:15 class and had to throw on clothes.  I wore jeans and, gulp, a fleece (In my defense, it was a Vineyard Vines pullover and the jeans were Lilly).  I had no time for cute clothes.
My 9:15 was unusually boring.  It’s just a discussion section (small group out of a large lecture) for my US Political Systems class.  The class has been trying to come up with our final paper ideas… but, hello, I’ve had mine since the beginning of the semester.  I’m writing about the “SNL Effect” and whether it influences public opinion.  It should be a fun paper!
My spanish class was EMPTY!  I couldn’t believe how few people showed up.  And we were actually learning new material, so I felt bad for the people who weren’t there.  The best part though was that the grad students in the language department needed us for data and we get extra credit!  Then I really felt bad for those who didn’t show up.  Well, kinda… I am NOT one to miss class.  (Perfect attendance since 3rd grade… except for my last day of HS, so I didn’t get the award.  Don’t ask.  Touchy subject.)
The weather is really strange today.  It’s warm, but cloudy, kinda sprinkly, and pretty windy!  My Vera Bradley umbrella could not hold up in the wind.  Boo 🙁
I’m back in my dorm, about to run to a team leadership meeting… but I found these cute coasters at for less than 15 bucks.  WHOA, what a deal… Online shopping is a miracle!  
-College Prepster

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The most important thing in life is preparation…You are on top of that for sure!!! It makes everything you do easier and fulfilling in the end!!! Keep it up…you definately are on the right track!!!