Waiting for the Weekend

I can’t wait for the weekend!  Well, sort of.  I’m going to be doing a LOT of studying, so I’m not looking forward to that part.  But I am looking forward to having a teeny tiny break from crew practice and no classes.

I have this weird issue about scheduling.  I like to be on a tight schedule and hate when things are awkwardly spaced.  I also do not deal well with “surprises” that throw me off.  Oh, and I like to make my schedule so it makes sense.  (Like if I’m running errands, I’ll go to the grocery store first so that I don’t have to go back home to put the food in the fridge, etc.) And I map out the locations of my obligations so I don’t have to waste time schlepping across town. 
Today, I was so annoyed because I had to get one of my professors to sign something.  Of course, I didn’t have time to run to the Academic Resource Center to get the actual form until after practice at 4:15.  My professor’s last class ended at 5:30, so I had to go back to my dorm for an hour.  I got back to my dorm, and about five seconds later found out I had a package (hemmed pants! yay!) but the place where we pick up packages is near the room where my professor was teaching so I was just going to wait so I wasn’t making huge circles and unnecessary trips around campus.  Of course, when I finally had the signed form in hand, I realized the ARC might be closed, so I sprinted back across campus, only to find a locked door.  I’m all ready irritated and then I remember I didn’t get my package.  So I go all the way back to pick up my package and I would have gone to the dining hall for dinner then, except it would be awkward with my box, so I had to go back to my dorm and then to the dining hall.  Phew.
Now, that I have that off my chest.  I am SO excited to go out on the water for our practices… so are the rowers!  We’ve been in winter training since the end of November.  Ergometers (or jus ergs) are torture devices that simulate the rowing stroke.  We’ve been having erg practices and the guys have just about had it.  So YAY for being on the water.  And it’s going to be relatively “warm” tomorrow morning: 46, feels like 40.  
A coxswain’s best friend is her Cox Box.  It’s an amplifier and so much more.  We get to wear these, not so preppy, blue microphones that connect to our “box.”  The box keeps time and counts the strokes.  I have my own box (I got it for my 18th birthday) and I love it so much.  The company that makes them just came out with a new version that has COLOR!  I want it! HAHA..   If only they came in pink and green…  The guys would probably kick me off the boat if I showed up with a pink and green box though…
Happy Almost Friday!!!
-College Prepster

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Lou Lou

I didn’t know you were at Georgetown! I took classes there this summer and am mildly obsessed! Such a beautiful campus and AREA of course!


I thought of you as I was driving back from my internship. I take rock creek park and saw all the rowers on the river 🙂

Belle- Pink Cupcake

Today was our first day on the water, I didnt go but I heard the girls didnt have pogies and were completely unprepared for going out! Whoever invented the erg is both a genius and an asshole, you love to hate the darn thing!


You are so funny! Your mom introduced me to the word “schlepp” about 15 years ago. It isn’t as if I never “schlepped” before that but I guess I called it something else. I’m with you on the time managment thing-I drive myself crazy!


Plan B always has to be in place for those ever so annoying obstacles out of our control. Time management for others isn’t always on the same page with ours. I personally cannot stand people who are consistently late…which is why I am always “early” for everything. I also make Plan A and Plan B lists to cover any possible interruptions which might occur.