Let’s Assume…

… for a moment that I was going to NYC for the Martha Stewart show.

How adorable is this collection of luggage!
I always dress nicely when traveling on planes.  I wish I lived in the era when traveling was a big deal and women would wear cute little outfits.  I’ve never worn regular clothes on a plane (OK, I did once when I had to leave a rowing camp right after races… Gross!).  Of course, I always wear something comfortable, but always presentable.
And, I find it so annoying when all the baggage on the carousel look identical.  How cute would you feel pulling one of these of the conveyor belt.  Heads would turn.  Guaranteed.
They’re also reasonably priced and come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.  One for everyone 🙂
Bon voyage!
-College Prepster

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Beth Dunn

I love that luggage! I always dress too! I love your site. I have Lands End luggage in Kelly green with pink monogram. So cute and not too expensive. Then I have lilly toiletries kits. Come by some time. Lilly is having a party Mon March 16th and I’m doing a book signing. Have a great day! xoxo


I love that luggage and I agree completely with the same boring luggage thought. My mother bought me Vera Bradley luggage for graduation, not only is it easy to pick out on the carousel, it is super cute too!


I love that luggage!

I also totally agree with dressing up to travel. I always try to dress nicely – I don’t like it when people dress like slobs.


I had to let you know that I tried the Thin Mint Straw move! 😉 What a funny little trick! And…SO yummy! I tried it by myself just in case because I didn’t want to look silly. haha!

p.s. This luggage is so cute!