Halloween This Year

I am so excited for Halloween this year. I don’t think I’ve been this excited since high school. After we outgrew trick or treating, we had this tradition with one of our close family friends’ that we would go to their house to hang out. In middle school, that meant Razor-scootering on the sidewalk (with light-up wheels, of course). And by high school, it was a full-on party with everyone from our friend group joining in. Through college, I always hated it because it meant trashy costumes and lots of drinking. Then it was just kind of hard to get in the spirit of things in my various apartments, where there were no trick or treaters.

When we bought our house, one of the things that I was so pumped about was kids trick or treating. Like, I’ve been counting down the days since June when we moved in 😂 Mike even showed his cards the other day when he texted me saying he was ordering full-sized candy bars… I told him he was speaking my love language.

I got the scoop from the moms on my street about trick or treating. (I also semi-joked that if it wasn’t a big trick or treating street that moving to the suburbs would have been a complete waste, haha.) Anyway, Mike and I are excited and I’m sure we’ll be popping over to see his nieces and goddaughter too. Rumor has it that they have epic costumes planned. 

Halloween Outfit

I put on this outfit to shoot a campaign (going live today on IG!) and then was really feeling the light so had Carter shoot a couple of extras! This is 95% going to be what I wear on Halloween. Feels festive enough while still being “me”!

The best part is that these are things I’ve had in my closet for years now. I have definitely been tempted to buy more (fall clothes are my ultimate weakness, I think), but it’s a good reminder that I LOVE everything I already own!

Fleece Excursion Vest

Striped Tissue Turtleneck // Vest // Jeans // Shoes

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We will finally be in a neighborhood this year vs. apartments and SO excited for trick or treaters as well!

Shannon Mahaney

The first halloween in your first home is always special! We live in a small neighborhood and only had about 15 kids come by that year but it still meant something to us. 🙂


You finally inspired me to buy a pair of leopard flats (totally outside of my comfort zone) and I love seeing how you style them!


I am so excited to see your costume this year, after you teaser last night on IG!! I hope you have a blast on Halloween in your new home! 🙂

xx Libby


It’s our first Halloween in our new house and I’m so pumped for the trick or treaters! We were going to do full size candy bars, but I found out the town busses kids into our neighborhood and we will get upwards of 300 trick or treaters! A neighbor said they gave away all 500 of their pieces of candy next year. It’s crazy!


I love this outfit! I actually wore a very similar outfit last Halloween (same turtleneck and vest), and am planning to wear it again this year! It’s super cozy and feels festive without being that person in the office in a full costume.. lol

I hope you enjoy having the trick or treaters this year – I’m jealous!


Trick or treaters and their costumes are so fun! My partner and I separated this summer and I moved into an apartment, so I basically won’t have a Halloween. I’ll have to live vicariously through you.


Happy almost Halloween in your first house! I moved into my first house about 9 years ago and was very excited about trick-or-treaters. I was always so disappointed at the small number of trick-or-treaters I got at my apartments. Hope you and Mike have lots of fun giving full-sized candy bars to all the neighborhood kiddos (they’re going to love you guys!).


I cannot wait to be the house in the neighborhood that gives out full sized candy bars! So fun to treat the kids