Happy (Almost) Halloween

With Halloween on Monday, I think this weekend should be an extended pre-celebration. I actually have no plans other than baking some Halloween treats.

I don’t really love Halloween as an adult and, to be honest, I didn’t love it as a kid, but I did love the costumes!! My mom always sewed my sister and I the best costumes. She’d tweak the pattern to make it work for chilly Massachusetts Octobers. One cold and soggy year, our matching Tinkerbell costumes were sewn onto pink sweats.

The best part of the costumes was that they’d make their way to our costume box and we’d wear them for various “shows” we put for our parents for years to come.

Happy Halloween

My mom has been sending my sister and me the best pictures of us as kids. Seriously, my mom was the absolute best for making these costumes every year. If blogs had been around back in the day, she would have legit been the best mom blogger ever. The arts and crafts we did were unparalleled.



I think I’m going to spend a lot of my time in Tampa over Thanksgiving and Christmas scanning photos onto a hard drive for my parents. I just love these photos too much!

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So cute Carly! I’m not a huge Halloween person either but as a kid it was always so fun! And I definitely recommend the photo idea! We did something similar for my grandparents a few years ago and it was the best present ever :))
XO Lauren