Jack is ONE! When people tell you that the days are long and the years are short, I don’t think I could completely grasp just how short. I feel like I blinked and an entire year went by!

This has been such a special and wonderful year! And just so. much. fun. It is absolutely wild and at times mind boggling that a year ago we brought home this tiny baby who slept almost all the time and 365 days later we have a “big” boy who cruises around the house and can eat us under the table.

I was thinking about this particular Instagram I posted just after Jack was born. I said I had waited my whole life to meet him and now? It’s the biggest joy to get to know him. Mike and I are constantly in awe of the little things as much as we are the big things. The new words, the new skills, the belly laughs, of course. But also the little expressions he makes that gives us glimpses into what he’ll look like as a man! Or the “pat pats” he does to our backs when he goes in for a deeper hug. There is no greater joy and we both feel incredibly lucky.

There are days when I wish I could go back and just get one more newborn snuggle in, but it is also incredibly thrilling to see this little human grow before our eyes!!

Some of Jack’s favorite things as a one year old: waving to anybody and everybody, dogs– especially Teddy and Ham, bananas, balls, books with touch and feel, “swimming” in the pond, hanging with his cousins.

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Happy birthday, sweet Jack! My Jack is 14 months on Monday and I am feeling aaaallll the feels. What a great summer to spend with our little ones in this amazing phase. Cheers to you, our Jacks and motherhood!


What!? When did that happen???!!!! Happy Birthday!!! You tell him I am waving at him!


Happy birthday Jack !!

My niece is delivering a baby girl today, such a special day !


Happy birthday to your beautiful boy. May he allways be strong and healthy , happy and with love around him.