Happy Hanukkah!

This year is a true true true Chrismukkah, which makes for very happy Heitlingers.  We celebrate both holidays and it’s always fun when there is an overlap.
We’re having a Chrismukkah dinner on Christmas night with the extended family, so we are testing some recipes for the big night.  First up, sufganiyots.  (Also known as Jelly Doughnuts.)  When Sporty Sister and I were little, we used to watch Shalom Sesame… which was basically the Isreali version of Sesame Street and they had this whole thing about sufganiyots!!!
Here’s a video of us making the sufganiyots.
They were super delicious.  (Anyone with an iPhone use the 8mm app???)
I also did some digging around and found this video about Shalom Sesame with clips from the Chanukah show… I literally remember every single line???


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