Maybe it’s just me, but I think Christmas morning requires cute pajamas.  It’s probably just because when we were younger my sister and I always wore matching pajamas on Christmas Eve so we could look cute in the morning.  (I have extremely vivid memories of super tight elastic around the wrists of the nightgown that drove me crazy… but I would never think to take them off!)
Here are my cute pajamas for Christmas morning picks:
Do you wear pajamas Christmas morning?  Is it a tradition?

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Southern Charm

We also wear cute pajamas the night before Christmas. Its a tradition for my mom & I to change into our pajamas after our family party, and watch Its A Wonderful Life together.

I'm loving those J. Crew pajamas, definitely need to get some of those 😉


I love wearing cute pajamas on Christmas Eve, unfortunately my mom makes us get dressed before we open presents….and this year since Christmas is on sunday we have to go to church first!

xx Emily @

Madilene Lake

Love the J. Crew ones!! My sister and I always wear cute pajamas (usually matching) on Christmas Eve because my mom has a habit of taking pictures of us opening gifts! So fun! 🙂


I'm getting those Aerie pajamas in pant form for my Christmas pajamas! But I love the J. Crew ones, and VV lazy pants are never a bad option, either!

Anna H

My brother and I don't do that, but that's a tradition I would love to start! I love taking pictures on Christmas morning but always end up hating them because we look homeless at that time of morning. Maybe I'll have to invest in some pajamas.


It's been a while since I wore "real" pajamas… I may just have to pick some up when I'm running errands tomorrow! Those patchwork shorts are too presh.



My sister and I not only try and wear cute pajamas fir Chritmas but we've also gotten into the habit of giving one another pajamas as well! I love your pajama picks by the way!