Oh… This was a great weekend. I’ve been kind of operating on a 24-hours-in-advance basis right now. That is, I only know what I’m doing 24 hours before it happens. Not the most ideal, but it’s like a surprise every time I take an inventory of my calendar. (Or something like that…)
I knew my mom and sister were coming up to the city at the end of October, but this weekend really crept up on me. How is it already almost November? It was incredibly perfect timing. I just love having them in town and this weekend was no exception.
October has been a blur and I definitely needed my mom and sister here! We always do fun things and, of course, eat way too much. But in general, it’s just nice to have family close by. Living in NYC means that I’m at least a plane ride away from my family and most of the time, the trip ends up being kind of expensive. There are many times when I consider moving back to Florida just to be closer… maybe someday? For now, I’ll take the weekends and holidays and relish every minute!

My sister and my mom had dropped off their luggage in the hotel and we were going to meet for lunch… When we met up, we were all wearing coats, but I go, “Um.. mom. Does your sweater have elbow patches?” Yep. Totally matched. What can we say! We both love the J. Crew elbow patch sweater clearly.

We shopped a bit in Soho and uptown… took a break to charge our phones (why is the battery life so bad now?)… and then went to a late dinner at The Smith with Garrett.

Saturday was a big day… because we went to Brooklyn. It was fun to explore new places. I felt like I was on vacation. (I remembered why I rarely go to Brooklyn though because it took forever to get there from the Upper East Side.) We went to the Brooklyn Flea and it was so fun. Stacy was essentially in heaven and we all got cute little things.

Doughnut break… I can’t even tell you how amazing Dough’s doughnuts are. Whoa my goodness. We got: toasted coconut, salted chocolate caramel, cinnamon sugar, and pumpkin. I could have devoured ten. Doughnuts are one of my biggest weaknesses!

We saw Matilda on Saturday. Omg. AMAZING. Everyone needs to see it.
Even though I was pretty sure I couldn’t eat one more thing the entire weekend, Garrett and Mackenzie joined us for brunch at Sarabeth’s. One of my most favorite brunch spots!

Mackenzie and my mom were #twinning so hard in their matching field jackets and desert boots.

While we were eating brunch, I had this moment where I was beyond content. Surrounded by family and friends… in an amazing city… and I love my job… where I get to do exactly what I love to do… and I’m having fun… So much love going on in my life right now and that makes me happy.

I hate using the word lucky, but I can’t really find the word I’m looking for. I just feel like this honestly can’t be real life or something. It’s definitely not easy as there is still work to be done and risks to be taken. But it’s a lot more enjoyable when there are so many “goods” going on. The difficulties and the stress and the anxiety are worth it because of the good. I feel like I’ve been saying in my head over and over again, “My cup runneth over.”

As I continue to figure out who I am and where I am headed, I know that I have now. I have today. And I have my friends and family. For that, I am grateful and… simply… happy.


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Every feeling you describe in here is EXACTLY how I felt this weekend. !t was #definitelyneeded. Glad you enjoyed yours!

Amber Lee Rosenzweig

I know exactly how you feel! I finally had the chance to visit my mom and sister this summer and had such a good time that I immediately booked a ticket back for the next weekend!


Aw, this was such a nice post to read! Is there really anything better than simply being surrounded by all of the people you love? xx

Jessica Joyce

As a loyal follower of the blog, I'm so happy for you–and you are lucky! I'm so annoyed that I missed the Brooklyn Flea (just this once) when you were there. I'm in that area 24/7, and I hope my home neighborhood treated you kindly 😉
Your Friend, Jess

Katies Bliss

So happy for you Carly! It's really such a great feeling when you have that 'ahhh' moment and feel content with your life/not have the worries you once had. Your weekend look so fun/yummy – especially the donuts!


So happy that you are in that absolutely content state! I can't wait until I feel that…I'm fairly new in the blogging world and hope I can one day be where you are 🙂


Love that you went to Brooklyn! I agree, the doughnuts at the flea market are unreal. Your mom is ADORABLE and I am so happy that you are so happy. 🙂 xo


Sounds like an exciting weekend! Your blog is so inspiring to keep following your dreams and do what you want to do! 🙂

Janet White

Love the J.Crew sweaters. My daughter lived in the city for 2 years. She loved it. I will always relish in the memories of my visits. Enjoy!


I was visiting my cousin in Brooklyn and spending some time in NYC the same weekend. We went to the flea on Sunday; it's neat to see/hear about some of the same things from your perspective. I'm glad you had a great visit with your mom and sister!