Fun in Blazers

During our girls’ trip to Boston, we went out on Saturday night. I rarely go out out, but when I do… I do. With Mackenzie and Emily and Amy egging me on, it was definitely the most fun I’ve had in a while. I typically don’t like hanging out in bars at all, but we were on vacation and having a blast. I actually underpacked (omg) for the weekend and didn’t really pack the right clothes for “going out” on Saturday night.
So skinny jeans and a blazer were going to have to work.
A little bit into the night, trust me I was having fun. But this guy kept bugging me about the fact that I was wearing a blazer. The nagging was getting annoying and I finally just yelled (a little bit too loud), “I can have fun in a blazer!”
And that’s the thing… I love blazers and I really think you can have fun in one. They’re (obviously) great for work. But who says that they have to be just for business.
My new life motto: I can have fun in a blazer.
A couple of blazers you can definitely have fun in!

Repeat after me: I can have fun in a blazer.

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Kelsey Odorczyk

I always wear blazers out! It's really common around here and its a good way to stay warm without wearing a bulky jacket youre afraid of losing or ruining. i have a few 'going out' blazers


My friends make fun of my blazer collection. I have about 9 right now. I wear them with everything. They're my go-to item!


I worked construction management for years. Had to wear casual slacks or jeans and work boots but always had a tweed blazer to dress things up in case of a last minute meeting.



Loved this post so much. I wear my blazers with EVERYTHING. Last night when I went to a bar, I wore a silk top, blazer and a puffer vest. How's that for "being fun" in a blazer!

xx Dana
Pink Champagne Problems

Jessica Joyce

Ha! I definitely love this blog post and I want to definitely write my take on it (inspired by you). A few months ago, I was also just bugged by my friends for wearing a blazer "out" but I wore it purposefully. Girls in blazers definitely have fun too !
Your Friend, Jess


I wear blazers to go "out out" in all the time! Maybe that's a chicago thing but I don't think you need to dress up more than that for most places!


Is it sad that I am scared to death of blazers? I buy them and then never wear them because I am too intimidated.. lol

Justine Steiner

I'm only 17, but I am absolutely in love with blazers. I think they are such a great timeless piece. Loving your blog more and more each day! 🙂