Old J. Crew Holiday

On Tuesday, I wore a cute little skirt with a button up and a quilted jacket. I have been absolutely loving this little indian summer we’ve been having. Skirts in October? Yay! Mackenzie and I previewed the spring collection for C. Wonder (omg, want/need/absolutelymusthave these shoes) and had lunch at Eataly. By the time we left our late lunch, the temperature had dropped about 15 degrees. I changed into jeans and a sweatshirt before working for the rest of the afternoon.
Oh, the warm weather was nice while it lasted.
It’s been so cold ever since. I’m not sure my Florida body will ever quite get used to this!!! It takes me a bit to embrace the whole cold weather thing. I keep forgetting to grab a coat before I leave my apartment, so I have to run back upstairs every. single. time!
There’s really no better way to get into the cold weather (and warm clothes) spirit than by visiting some of the cutest old J. Crew holiday catalogs.

One of my favorite J. Crew photographs… ever.
I want the whole look!

Um, adorable! 

Love the buffalo check crewcuts dress…
What’s your favorite old J. Crew ad? How do you get into the “cold weather” spirit?

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As much as I enjoy "new" J Crew, I really do miss a lot of the old staples. My favorite catalog they ever did was the library themed shoot in Boston!! I'm still on the search for that library/book cardigan!!

haley hoewt

Oh man! Love those old catalogs! sure do wish the old Jcrew would make a comeback. In my opinion, Jcrew has gotten way too trendy and strayed a little too far away from the more timeless classics.
Pumpkin candles, coffee, comfy clothes and cute socks get me into the spirit!

Mana Smith

At the very first nip in the air I'm so ready for winter and cold weather. I absolutely hate summer and much prefer rainy or snowy days. I adore that cocoon coat it look so cozy and I simply must have it in my life. I adore these covers and I don't get the catalogs but I think I'm going to subscribe to them right now.
Fashion and Happy Things


I LOVE perusing the old J Crew holiday catalogs. I miss Henry the J Crew mascot they used to have. Thankfully, I have him in black watch plaid and summer madras. My favorite pic is from an early 90s and the model is in a grand home, dressed for a holiday party and on the tall windows are taffeta tartan draperies. I have a cabinet of boxes of J Crew catalogs and I will not part! 🙂 Glad to see I ma not alone in this holiday tradition. 🙂