Heading Home for the Holidays

I’m flying home to Florida today! Can’t wait to do all of these things while there. Our family tradition is to take the holiday card before Thanksgiving dinner. My sister and I plan our outfits (more and more last minute as we get older), we plan out a spot (the golf course is turning into a favorite because it’s so easy), and my dad takes the photo while my mom gets the house ready for dinner (fewer arguments every year). I pulled some of our old photos from year’s past in this post– there are some serious classics in there. 
This year we decided to wear red and I think it might just be the best one yet! Not to mention, we got the winning photograph in record time.
We ordered the cards with Minted. Let me just say, my mom used to make me to go a stationery store where we’d pore over twenty books, flagging our favorite cards, and then go back and change our minds. And I’d be in charge of printing the cards at the drug store where every time there would be a coloring/printing/cropping issue and it would turn into an ordeal. This whole online-ordering thing is the BEST. Not sponsored, just LOVE Minted. Teddy didn’t make the cut for the photo (poor haircut), but we chose the picture with him for the return address stickers!!! Obsessed!!!
Last year, I took a blogging hiatus around this time. I really needed the time off because I was in over my head and majorly stressing out. It ended up being amazing and I’ll probably do the same thing again. If I’m inspired to blog, I will… but I’ll probably just be around sporadically if at all! (I will be Tweeting and Instagramming as usual!)

Hope everyone has an amazing holiday!!

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The pictures are really pretty! I wish taking Christmas pictures like that was as common here in Germany. I think it's so nice.. 🙂


Oh Carly, thanks so much for sharing these! I'm the elder of one younger sister, and there's something just uniquely special about that sort of bond, especially when it's just the two of you. And we literally *just* went through this picture ordeal, as we're late Christmas card senders (my sister was the unhappy one this year, although I haven't seen the photos yet…) I can relate to so much in this post…haha!

Audrey Lin

Loving your necklace! I just arrived in Taiwan last night to see my family who I haven't seen since I started college 3 months ago! Unfortunately, my winter break will be cut short this year, because I need to be back on campus for varsity training, but the team and I will be flying to Florida some time during that time for our winter break training trip! I'm so excited to feel the sun again! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's