Holiday Dress Tips with Tide #WashedtoImpress

I’ve been having fewer “nothing to wear” moments. My love for shopping is finally paying off, I guess. Even though my NYC apartment is short on closet space, I still keep all of my favorite dresses from years past on hand. I have an entire arsenal of dresses to fall back on in case of a last minute invitation or when I know I need to feel good.
Even though I love the thrill of getting a new dress, there is something to be said about wearing one that’s tried and true. Especially if I’m going to an event or a party where I’m feeling anxious (new people, crowded spaces, etc.), I feel so much more comfortable wearing a dress that I know I love and look great in. Look good, feel good is my motto.
You can even wear the same dress to all your holiday parties this year by fixing your hair differently (a blowout, an updo, an Elsa braid), adding a statement accessory, or swapping in another pair of shoes.
If you are buying a new dress that you want to carry over for years on end, my major tip is to look for classic silhouettes in versatile colors with simple textures or detailing. These are some of my favorite dresses for parties: A surprise touch of gold sequins on the back, a warm floral print, ruffles, and lace. Black, navy, and cream tend to be my color of choice!

Most of the holiday parties I go to are with friends or are some kind of blogging event, so anything goes fashion-wise. But if you’re heading to an office party, Youtuber Christina put together some fun, appropriate choices:

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I found a holiday dress I love and I want to wear it everywhere! I'm going to style my hair different and definitely change up the accessories 🙂 Black is my go-to as well!

Tali Lekorenos

I love this post because that is exactly what I have decided to do this year! I found this great dress well below my budget, already wore it to one holiday party and planning to wear it for NYE too with a change in accessories. Look good, feel good is so true! 🙂

Audrey Lin

I don't shop very much, so I often re-wear dresses with different coats and/or accessories 🙂 However, ever since I started my freshman year of college, I've become addicted to online shopping, so I've got a few more things to wear than usual… And it's awesome! (not for my wallet though haha) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


i agree, having a tried-and-true dress can definitely help me be less anxious at holiday parties. i should try to mix it up though with different hairstyles and accessories, somehow i never thought of that…thanks! & i love your sparkly dresses 🙂 i need more sparkle in my life!