Holiday Flats

These are so adorable!  Perfect for attending holiday parties this season.  I always want to wear cute heels, but I find that at parties I stand way too much and my feet hurt hurt hurt by the end of the night.
These flats are festive and comfortable.

If you’re hosting your own party, comfortable shoes are even more necessary.  Hostesses must run around. Between trips to the kitchen and answering the front door, she has no time for resting.  Don’t let your feet hold you back from enjoying the party though!


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Are your posts getting a little … dry? You asked on your Tumblr what people suggested you post about and really we haven't seen you do much with those suggestions besides ignore them. You post a lot about material things—what about stuff with some substance?


I love these flats. They look just like a pair of Valentino's I have had my eye one! Thanks for sharing these beauties.


I love them! But I think they might be too pointy without trying them on first. What do you think? :/