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Holiday Gift Wrap

One thing that I’m trying to get a head start on is my holiday gift wrapping situation. I don’t think I’m spending Christmas at home for the first time in my entire life (completely mixed feelings on this) and so I have to be on top of my gift giving! In year’s past, I’ve had all gifts shipped to my parent’s house and then when I get there I spend an afternoon wrapping everything. I think I’m going to have to get my mom in on my wrapping this year. (And hopefully, wrangle my sister into wrapping my mom’s.)

Picking out paper and ribbon and spending the time to wrap the gifts is so much fun. Sometimes I go to Target or Paper Source, but I think I’m going to buy everything online this year. I got some wrapping paper sheets from Minted last year and loved the quality and cuteness. Seriously stood out– so much better than a cheap roll!

There are so many places right now carrying cute wrapping selection. I’ve rounded up some of my favorites below. (Above is this paper from Anthro, definitely getting it! It’s actually a book with various sheets!)

Two of my favorites? This warm weather wrapping paper (for my family in Florida!) and these “no peeking” stickers!

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Where will you be for Christmas? I totally understand your bittersweet feelings…it will be my first Christmas away from home too!


Gift wrapping is an art! It’s so much fun to get creative with wrapping paper, boxes, bows, and tags. What are your Christmas plans this year if you’re not going to Tampa, Carly? 🙂


Good luck! It’s always so hard to ship gifts when you can’t be there. I alternate between getting a lot of gifts from amazon prime or other places with free shipping and then sending a box with the wrapping supplies and bribing my sister to assemble it, or wrapping everything in advance (pretty paper and flat bows are my jam!) and mailing them altogether. I’m sure it’ll turn out well!