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Wow… I can’t believe we’re less than a week out from Thanksgiving. I’m flying down to Tampa on Tuesday. I’m pretty excited to be down there, mostly to see my family but also for the sunshine! These early nights are killing me already. Doesn’t bode well for the winter.

The day before Thanksgiving I’m doing a meet and greet at Kendra Scott in Hyde Park with Danielle Carolan! She’s so fun, and I can’t wait to catch up with her a little bit… and excited to meet some of our Tampa readers/viewers. If you’re able to make it out there, we’d LOVE to see you. (It should be a lot of fun too, I think Kendra Scott is having a photo booth set up!)

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Kate Spade’s Apple Watch Straps

Kate Spade has APPLE WATCH STRAPS. I’ve been wearing mine almost non-stop. (I’ve been sleeping with it on too to track my sleep every few nights. So fascinating.) After I did my Apple Watch review a couple of weeks ago, I got a bunch of questions about where my bands were from, and I’ve only ever purchased them from the Apple Store. Now I’m eyeing these pretty Kate Spade ones though!

TWO // Stranger Things Cast with James Corden

I haven’t watched the second season of Stranger Things yet. I need, like, a couple of days where I can sit down and commit to it. That hasn’t stopped me from watching all the interviews and appearances the actors have done. I think their appearance with James Corden was the best. They did a mock performance as a Motown group, and it’s pretty incredible.

THREE // “The Douglas House”

This might have been one of my most favorite reads of the year. I loved seeing how this couple converted a house specifically with movie shoots in mind! The video tour is so cool.

FOUR // Pearl and Suede Riding Boots

Unfortunately, these are sold out in my size, but I really hope one of you guys get to purchase a pair! The pearls down the boot could not be more beautiful.

FIVE // Cutest Father/Daughter Duo

I had the biggest smile on my face after watching this video of this father/daughter duo. Nothing makes me happier than seeing girls working hard to achieve their goals with a great support system rooting for them!

SIX // Canvas Tote Market List Notepad

Even though I don’t need another notepad in my life… I’m eyeing this one big time. I think it kind of looks like me with the ponytail and stripes!

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Michael @ Mile in My Glasses

This is so cute! I wish I was based in Florida, then I’d definitely attend! I’d love the weather, too! Ha! Unlike England where it’s grey and rainy 24/7! I am so desperate to get my hands on an Apple Watch, I love all the functionality and since my partner got one it’s definitely on the list because they look cool, too! Those Kate Spade straps are gorgeous!

Happy Friday!


The Douglas House story is great! How amazing is it stemmed from a hobby to a full-blown business. Thanks for sharing!!


What Apple Watch app have you been using to track your sleep? I have Sleep++, but it’s just okay; I’m not a super huge fan of how the data is presented. Wondering if you like yours!


I use Pillow. It’s definitely not perfect and I’m using the free features, but it’s still interesting!


No, I take the time between Christmas and New Year’s completely off… I may not be in Tampa this year, but if I am and you see me around, definitely say hi!

Quincy B

You know I am THRILLED to see that KS event on your calendar! As someone who has spent many months marketing our winter collection, might I suggest the Atticus earrings in emerald?


Thank you for mentioning the Kate Spade Apple Watch Bands! I have been waiting for them to release those and it just made my day!


I teared up watching that father/daughter duo video. It should always be encouragement of pushing them until they break.

Erin Lucy

The pearl and suede riding boots are incredible, I only wish they were still available in more sizes. Also I saw the Stranger Things cast as a Motown group last week and it is so amazing. Love it!



I am very interested in trying the apple watch, but I worry about the nonstop radiation emitting from the device, especially while I’m sleeping. Do you worry about this too? I’ve heard people waking up with headaches.


Hmmm well I don’t think it’s any different wearing it at night than it is during the day.


I forgot I bought it at Hermes! You’re right. The ones I’ve been wearing in photos recently (the black and white) are both from Apple