I had a beautiful feeling the other day and it was how much I felt at home. It isn’t necessarily about our house, though I love it dearly and am so grateful for it, but I just felt rooted. Or something.

For a homebody who loves (even needs) routine, I haven’t felt very rooted since I went to college I think. I hated moving in and out of dorms every year. While I am glad I gave NYC a try, it never felt like home. I loved Connecticut, but my apartment always felt like a “stepping stone” to the next thing. Hoboken, we knew, was not going to be permanent.

Despite never feeling settled, I do feel like I did a great job of blooming where I was planted. I met amazing friends every step of the way. I haven’t stayed close with everyone (some friendships are definitely a “time/place/stage of life”) but I have a handful of girlfriends that I never would have met had it not been for moving around.

When we first moved to Madison, I felt gloriously anonymous. Mike grew up in the next town over, so he was running into people he knew every day. I could go into the grocery store and not see a single person I knew and not have a single person know who I was either.

But now? I feel woven into the community. I definitely felt this growing up in Tampa, but it’s definitely different as an adult. (Like it’s not that people know who I am just because of my mom’s bubbly personality or from school, ha.)

I’m volunteering with an organization I love and want to stay with for many years to come. I’ve tried to join a few town groups (this has been harder with COVID, but I’m trying). I have become great friends with another blogger after a cute little “friend date” last summer (👋🏻 Elsa). I reconnected with a friend from college who happened to move down the street from us. When I go to our town’s cafe, I stop to chat with friends (and feel like I’m turning into my mom, for sure). Mike and I see people we know when we walk the dogs into town.

love this feeling– just at peace and happy with where we are. 🥰

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I think what you are describing is encapsulated by the German word “Heimat”. Always irked me that there is no English equivalent.

“Heimat is often considered a particularly German concept, because it does not have perfect semantic equivalents in many European languages (including English). Heimat refers to a place towards which one has a strong feeling of belonging, and (usually) a deep-rooted fondness. Most commonly this is one’s native region, but it may also be that where one has lived for long, where one’s family are, or where one feels at home for whatever reason.”

Kelly Crusenberry

Love that you shared this! I feel like I’m currently in my next stepping stone as I wait for an engagement and moving into a home, but really feeling happy and content where I am now. Such a happy monday post 🙂

Denise Groulx

Reading your blog is the equivalent to drinking a hot chocolate with whipped cream to me. You inspire me. Hugs and kisses from Quebec.

Dana Mannarino

This made me so happy for you! I definitely feel the way you were. I grew up on Staten Island and definitely had the “run into everyone you know” time period. Now that I’m in the city, I’m starting to feel more at home with neighborhood spots and things like that, but it still doesn’t feel “homey” the way you describe it. Which is so weird because I’ve only ever lived in New York (minus 4 years of college in Virginia).

Dana | It’s Casual Blog 


Your pup are darling, can you tell me what breed they are? Is the breeder you used in New Jersey.I live in North Jersey.


I love your house! With the lockdowns, it’s so nice to have your own garden. I understand that your feeling of being at home is not only about the house but also about the town you live in. Does it have “Stars Hollow” vibes? 🙂


I didn’t know you grew up in Tampa! I hear it’s great!! How was it growing up there? Also great job making an effort to get to know people and joining groups, and then seeing the fruit. As a fellow introvert, this gives me hope and encouragement! 🙂

Kristina Kral

I am very happy for you that you finally found a peaceful, lovely place to settle down.

Wishing all the best to your and your growing family! Please take care!