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Back again today with more outfits! I was able to capture every day except for Sunday. I got pretty into a sewing project and it took a lot longer than I expected. Totally didn’t take a picture of my outfit and I’m not sure it was even worthy of making the blog post… just a nap dress and a sweatshirt!!


I got coffee with a friend in town, which felt so so so nice. Our local coffee shop has a ton of picnic tables outside and it’s just the right amount of normalcy. So you may notice if you look closely, that I’m wearing one black shoe and one navy shoe. Thankfully, the second I walked outside I realized the error and ran back in to change 😆


Similar Top

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Bag (c/o)


Nothing too exciting– my usual volunteering shift was canceled for the week so I took the dogs to the park with my friend and her pup instead. It was a pretty chilly day that turned into a chillier evening. Fall was in the air!


Leggings (c/o)

Similar Sneakers


I had a full “clear” day of working from home with nowhere to go. I try to schedule one of these days into my calendar, pandemic or not, as fully desk days. I always get the most done because I don’t have to get dressed to go anywhere or waste time driving. Just sit and work days.

Fleece Jacket (this thing is AMAZING. You need it.)


Similar Jeans


My fave outfit of the week! I didn’t really need an excuse to get dressed up but I did anyway to help with a little mood boost and it worked.

Oversized Collar (made this myself using this tutorial!!!)



Shoes (c/o)


Super low key Saturday. Worked out, took the dogs for a nice long walk. Got a few projects done around the house. Then we set up the backyard for grilling and watching football on our projector. I’m going to do a full post about the set up because it’s a total blast.

Fleece Jacket

Similar Sweater

Similar Jeans



I had a bunch of campaigns to shoot and submit drafts so it was a lot of in front of the camera. I always love an extra productive Monday though– sets a good tone for the week.


Top (I’m wearing last year’s brown, I can’t tell from the listing if what’s current is olive or brown)

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My absolute favorite is the last outfit! I’m not much of a jeans wearer, but I love that top and it has me rethinking my stance. Your hair looks gorgeous here, and I love the headband…as a daily headband wearer, would love more links to similar headbands…I’m not the biggest fan of the turban knot or super puffy headband trends. They are *fine*, but one of each is enough for me! More of the classic 80s/90s flat ‘Alice’ type bands in neutral and classic fabrics and prints, please!


Hi Carly,
I was just wondering if you mind sharing the type of volunteering you do? I am interested in volunteering in my community, but wondering your thoughts on socially distanced volunteer ideas?


I volunteer at my local food bank! I bag groceries with a couple of other volunteers for clients to pick up during distribution. It’s usually me and one or two other people, we all wear masks, and are in different sections of the “grocery store”

If you’re local to northern NJ I can’t recommend the organization more. 🥰 http://mcifp.org/how-we-fight-hunger/volunteer-program/


Hi! What size jeans were you wearing on Friday? There’s only one review on the website that says they run large, so curious what your thoughts are. Thanks!


Super cute style! Really wish the prices were more accessible for different budget points.

Emma Koski

Really loving these weekly roundups of outfits! Relatable and inspires me to not just wear leggings for WFH.