Homer’s Where the Heart Is

This is the last Alaska post, promise. If you’re just catching up, I went to Alaska a couple of weeks ago with Garrett, Julia, and Thomas. I’ve shared the best things I’ve packed, our itinerary, and some of my favorite “postcard” photos from the trip.
This is the only real “outfit” post I have. I mostly wore casual everyday clothes that you can pick up on throughout my previous Alaska posts. But, this one was the perfect Alaska outfit. When I was packing for the trip, every website online said to dress like an onion. That is… layers. Lots of layers. That advice couldn’t be more spot on and I have the pictures to show just how important layers ended up being for the trip. They sort of seem off-season, but considering this week here in NYC was in the fifties and raining, it’s sadly not terribly off from what I wore just a few days ago! Watch as the day goes on layers come and go! Definitely another plus to driving because we could stash a coat in the back or grab a pair of gloves if necessary.

We started off the day by checking out of our hotel in Homer. We spent a good amount of time just standing outside taking everything in and the weather was deceptively warmish.

Then we drove down the Homer Spit to find a spot for breakfast and to do a little bit of exploring. It was way chillier here I’m guessing because we were totally exposed to the water on both sides. Everyone, even the boys, reached for gloves. Puffer coats were donned and noses grew red.

Our trusty Hunter boots. Julia and I both wished that we had brought multiple pairs!

Didn’t quite need the full puffer here later in the morning… and then we jumped in the car to drive to the next destination. We didn’t stop for a while and by the time we emerged from the car (to take some photos in the amazing, albeit super soggy, field), it had warmed up considerably. No scarf or puffer needed. I even took the vest off when we got back in the car and just drove around in my t-shirt. 
I think the trick to the perfect layers was to have two separate colors that worked together well (red and navy here) with one piece that incorporated both (the scarf). Everything tied together and I was comfortable no matter which way I wore the outfit. 

Do you have any layer-like-an-onion tips?

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Aren't Hunter boots just the best for every occasion? I'm currently living vicariously through your Alaska posts. It's so beautiful there. #noshame

– Sydney at Doe Eyed Dreams


I haven't been on your blog in a while (sorry, I've been really busy) and the first post I see is you in Homer. I live in Alaska and Homer is my favorite place! Did you enjoy your visit here?


Omg! Homer was DEFINITELY one of my favorite (I think it was my favorite!) places. The views were unbelievable and even though it was chilly and we were a day or two early for the regular season, we had a blast!

Audrey Lin

I have the same boots, and I'm loving your vest! I just started my summer break a few weeks ago, so hopefully it'll be awhile before I need to endure weather like this again, but when I do, I'll be ready 😛 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


They're my favorite shoes for traveling. I have a pair of the regular boots, but I bought the packable version last January for a trip to Europe and I can't even tell you how AMAZING they are. They're SUPER lightweight so you're legs/feet don't get tired, but they do the job of a rainboot perfectly. They're a MUST.

Olivia Glenn

I had to do the same thing when I went to Chicago at the end of last December! You would think it would have been SO cold but the forecast showed mid 50's and possibly nearing up to the 60's! I wore a gingham oxford button down under a wool sweater under a trench coat with skinnies and flats. It ended up being the perfect outfit to layer up or down as needed.

Allie Harris

This look is so cute! All of your Alaska posts have put a trip to Alaska on my bucket list!


Bringing multiple pairs of Hunters on a trip almost seems to defeat the purpose of owning Hunters…you get one set of sturdy wellies in a versatile color, and you're set for a long time. Not that they're even the best choice of footwear for this setting, but whatever. Your readers will buy them and earn you more money and that's all that matters, right?

Monica Beatrice

This holiday looks incredible! What breathtaking views – and such a change from the beach vistas I think about for a summer break. So great to go away with a girlfriend too – happy to hear you had a great time : )

Re: Hunters – yep they're ace! I've worn mine for years, and they make an 'outdoors' day feel more stylish!

Love your content Carly!

Monica x