The Cutest Pool Inflatables

I can’t get over all the cute inflatables on the market right now. They’re such a fun touch for summer. Makes me wish I still lived at home so I could lounge in my parents’ pool every weekend. Swimming and even just dipping my toes in the pool is something I start to crave come late June/ early July when it really starts to heat up. Nothing worse than being landlocked in the city when it’s boiling over… actually there is something worse: being stuck underground waiting for a subway when it’s boiling in the city.
Inflatables. I want to fill an entire pool (you know, my non-existent one) with these!!!
My friend Carolyn on a giant swan. I mean, they’re just so fun!

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Who’s in for a pool party?

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Ally Gagliardo

OMG! Those are so cute! Way cuter than anything that was out on the market when I was a kid. I wish I had a pool so I could get some of these and just lay around all day!


Nora Chian

Funny you should post this as I was literally just debating buying either the donut or the swan! I feel like seeing this is definitely telling me to go ahead and purchase!
x ColorMeNora

Allie Harris

OMG. Those are so cute!! Seriously about to make my friend with a pool buy these so I can go lounge on a donut!