Homework… not yet at least.

School is only a few short days away!!! Those exclamation points aren’t really excitement… More like a type of proclamation.

I just arrived in D.C. a few short days ago. I’ve been trying to get my room in order… and it’s almost there. I’ll post pictures once I get everything together (aka after my birthday… you’ll see why later!).

In the back-to-school spirit, I’m going to post a picture that I’m pretty sure I’ve included in a previous post a while ago. I’ve been receiving numerous emails (not including the 28 questions I was asked on my tumblr… annoying, by the way) about study tips.

***Disclaimer for Gtown-students-who-think-it’s-fun-to-harass-me-and-my-blog-via-anonymous-comments…. please know that this is not something I think everybody in the world should do. It’s simply me sharing my own study tips with the hope that it will help someone else.****

Okay, now that that’s out of the way–

This is how I organize my typical homework assignments. I go through each syllabus Friday morning after practice. I write down every assignment in a notebook (the mini-notebook from Lilly and Lifeguard Press). I try to get all of it out of the way during the weekend, and leave the studying/reading for during the week. And cross it off as I complete it.

My agenda is used mostly for important meetings and the schedule of my classes. I write down the dates of midterms/tests/quizzes/etc. But for the most part, homework stays out of it.

Okay kiddies… Hope this helps!


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I'm sorry you have to deal with those students who think it's fun to ridicule your blog. I love your blog and I know many others do. It's fine that not everyone appreciates this blog but to ridicule it is childish. Georgetown is a terrific university…you would think the students are smarter than that and you would think they have better things to do.

Great job, Carly!

North of 25A

My dear girl, you are certainly going to continue to be successful with those works habits! Good for you! I am sure your parents of very proud of you; my daughter are the same & I sure am.


hey i am a gu-er and have recently found your blog,i love it. i make lists all the time to get work done; i find it really helps to be organized. have a great semester!


carly, i doubt your see this, but i wanted to just let you know that you shouldn't let those gorgetown students bother you. i love your blog i mean i just looked through EVERY SINGLE POST and i still cannot get enough carly? i love you so much don't ever let anyone tell you different because you really should continue it i just love love love this blog i check it EVERYDAY. again thats everyday. You have all of these people telling you how much they appeciate you and i think thats the most important thing, because these people who you have never met have give you all the extra suport you need. keep going never stop. shoot me an email, i would love to chat with you! wish you the best.