Organize, Please- Chargers and Cords

Are you one of those people who goes crazy with cords everywhere??? It’s the one part I absolutely hate about technology: Ugly cords hanging everywhere.
I saw this trick on a chain email my mom sent me during the summer. But I really liked the idea. And guess what! IT WORKS!!! One of my biggest pet peeves is how to keep cords from falling on the floor. I hate having to touch the ground trying to find the chargers for my cell phone/laptop.

Problem: Fallen cords/chargers
Solution: I clipped two Vera Bradley clips to the clear part of the desk.

Look how perfect they stay up! TAKE THAT GRAVITY!!!

The picture above is how the chargers look when the phone and and laptop are unplugged.

And the picture below shows how they look when they’re plugged in.

This might actually be one of my most favorite things in the world right now.

If you want to try this, here’s a video:


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I have my Vera binder clips and I've copied your idea. Love that my cords won't fall on the floor. Thanks again for sharing this tip.