hoppy easter!

uh, uh, hoppy easter!
(inside joke with the family)
My sister and I (and our dad) are Jewish, but my mom still does Easter baskets for us and we always had egg hunts growing up.
The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Easter is the candy.
My favorite:
Refrigerated Reese’s Eggs
I don’t even care that they’re a million calories.  They’re too good.  And refrigerated?  Even better.
A close second:
Peeps.  Yellow only please.  (Especially NOT pink.  I think there is a bitter taste from pink dye.)
Third is a classic:
Jelly Beans!
I love all variations (have you had the Starburst kind???), but I love the classic ones.  My favorite color?  BLACK!
Last, but not least:
Whoppers Robin Eggs
I hope everyone has a fantastic Easter!!!

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Yummm! I live overseas so all I managed to get were some Robin eggs and Hershey Chocolate eggs. Either way, very satisfying 🙂 Hoppy Easter! haha


Happy easter to you too! 😀
i'm actually Atheist myself but since my family is catholic i celebrate easter with them…chocolate eggs are great! Maybe the best thing! 😛


LOVE Reese's chocolate eggs. I have a huge bag sitting in my fridge now. 🙂

Caitlin C.

Just came across your blog, and A. I love this post and B. I couldn't help but laugh out loud because my mom gave me an Easter basket (Yes, we STILL get Easter baskets haha) this morning with Reese's eggs and jelly beans! YUM 🙂