Peter Cotton Tail

Normally, my parents fly up to DC for Easter, as we typically have a home regatta.
Unfortunately, the lateness of Easter this year meant that I needed to spend the weekend working and studying instead of playing in the city with my parents.
My mom the Easter Bunny didn’t forget about me though.  A somewhat non-traditional Easter basket, but fabulous nonetheless:
Kate Spade Tipsy ballet flat... opened a smidge early though… I couldn’t resist!
Kate Spade “Mom Always Said” Idiom Bangle… love it!
And, of course, some of my favorite Easter candies!!!

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I wanted that bangle for my birthday but it's too darn small! I sent them an email begging for them to put hinges on their idiom bangles..


Are you still coxing at Georgetown? I coxed for a few years in college and loved the experience? (I'm sorry, I'm sure you've mentioned whether or not you are before but I've been skimming through all your old posts and can't see)

Happiness and Hydrangeas

Ahh you got some great things in your easter basket! And boo on the studying and working. I know how stressful the spring season gets, I'm a rower and have been rowing since my freshman year of hs!