How do you Moms do it???

Oh my lord, I have had quite the week.  I am absolutely exhausted.  “Camp Carly” started on Monday.  I had agreed to babysit a family friend’s 10 year old boy while she drove her oldest son back to college in Massachusetts.  I drove to his house before his dad and other brother left for work.  On Monday, we went to Busch Gardens.  ALL DAY.  It was a lot of fun, but oh so tiring.  Temperatures were WAY past 95 degrees… by the end of the day it had reached a wonderful 99 degrees.  AH.
We ended up swinging by my house at 5:30 on our way home to cool off in the pool.  As much as I would have loved to take a nap when I dropped him off at 6:30, I had to decorate 40 cookies for a wedding.  (But they turned out so cute so it was definitely worth it!)
Tuesday morning we headed back to Busch Gardens until lunch.  We left and went to Panera in Hyde Park.  We spent the afternoon painting pottery and then baking chocolate chip cookies.  I was exhausted again.  I don’t know how you moms do it!  No sleep for the weary!
Wednesday was only a half day, thank goodness!  We went to Adventure Island, which is a water park.  After a few hours there, we headed to the country club for lunch.  I dropped him off  that afternoon.  Again, I couldn’t rest.  Soccer Mom took me along to help her pick out a new purse (check out the preppy things I found!).  That evening I had to make cookies for my mom’s friend (the boy’s mom actually).
Yesterday, I babysat him again in the afternoon and made some cookies.  I babysat for two other kids last night (10 year old and 2 year old).  I am incredibly exhausted.  AH.

Preppy Totes at Dillards… on sale!

Dooney & Bourke ducks!  How cute is that?

Cole Haan Flip Flops…

J. Crew Display… YUMMY!

Michael’s had SO many cute preppy things!

Marshall’s finds…

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Gracie Beth

Those are some great finds! I watch my 8 year old sister for my parents in the summer, and she certainly keeps me on my toes

Summer Wind

Babysitting is tough when they've got you running all over the place, I know what you mean! I don't normally like D&B but that bag is too cute, and I love the boat coat hanger!


First, don't be so hard on yourself- most Moms don't do half of what you did ( Busch gardens for TWO DAYS!!!) in a month, let alone three days.
Second- the preppy totes at dillards? How much were they? ( if you don't mind.)
I ask because I sell those and cannot believe that someone is putting them on sale yet! They JUST debuted recently.
let me know when you get a chance, please 🙂