Shopping Theme Park

Soccer Mom and I love to shop and decided to check out some stores we hadn’t visited.  A few days ago, we went to Home Goods.  There was a Home Goods near where we lived in Massachusetts, but I hadn’t been to the one here.  It’s about 25 minutes away.  I considered it more of a hunt… we definitely had to search through a lot of random things (ahem… junk) in order to find the some cute things.
Yesterday, SM and I had a few hours to kill before I went on my babysitting gig.  An Ikea store just opened up.  It was a pretty big deal and it’s been extremely crowded.  It’s seriously a destination.  It’s super close to Ybor City (OK during the day, scary at night!).  We went to La Creperia Cafe which is so yummy!



We split this dessert crepe… Bananas and Nutella. TO DIE FOR.
Then we headed off to IKEA.  I think it’s a bad sign when the parking lot looks like Disney’s.  There was seriously huge signs designating the parking lot into sections: A, B, C… H.  Soccer Mom and I laughed thinking about Disney’s parking lot.  DUMBO 3.

I can’t tell you how GIANT the store is.  There are arrows on the floor directing you to the “main area.”  We got a kick out of the shortcuts… Hidden doors!

Swedish Meatballs anyone?  There was an entire cafe (actually 2) with tons of food, real silverware, glasses (instead of paper cups), and real plates.

Pretty fabric by the bolt.  They had some amazing children’s prints!

Furniture warehouse/showroom.  I was very overwhelmed.  Can you tell how high the ceiling is in the picture???
Alright… On another note… I have had the same digital camera for almost 5 years.  I LOVE it so much.  It’s a FujiFilm FinePix and has been absolutely amazing.  It’s great too because it’s extremely durable.  When I babysit, I don’t worry about little kids using it and dropping it.  Sporty Sister has been looking for a new camera (she has the underwater Olympus one, but it takes blurry pictures).  I’ve been doting on mine and seriously jinxed it.  I had issues with my memory card.  Ugh.  Now I can’t click the review button…
Any advice!?  Pretty please 🙂
-College Prepster

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Ikea is awesome! The cinnamon roll things are amazing!

You definitely have to hunt in Homegoods but I usually find something worth it!

College Belle

Well I had that same camera. Mine wouldn't turn on and I sent it to Best Buy (where we'd gotten it) and it was unfixable! They ended up giving us a huge discount and I got to get a new one which works even better. It's a Canon Powershot and works really well. Good luck :)!

C in VA

Ikea is so huge! I like that they display things in actual room settings…and yes those meatballs plus lindenberry jam are to die for!


Home Goods is one of my favorite stores EVER!! You totally have to hunt but right now they have really cute nautical things!!

say you want the same thing too

I live in Tampa too and was just at that Ikea the other weekend & blogged about it as well! & I am 99% sure the homegoods you are talking about it down the street from me (not to be creepy) but what a small world! Also I have a cannon and love it! you should check out you have to subscribe but it def gives you great info & reviews about products.

flip flops and pearls

Oh, I love HomeGoods!!!! Wish we had one here in Alabama…ugh

I have never set foot in an Ikea…..ugh, Ala again;) I need to move back to Houston where I can get the GOOD STUFF!!