Not much to post about…

I don’t have much to post about… I’ve just been hanging out without any cares in the world.

To beat the heat, SM & I went to the movies on Saturday.  We saw “My Life in Ruins.”  Not an award winning movie, but a great summer chick flick nonetheless!  We cracked up the whole time!
I babysat a lot yesterday!  In the morning, I only had the little one Iz, but she slept the majority of the time.  I had all three kids at night.  We watched Beauty & The Beast.  Ah.. so many memories!  It was the first movie I saw in the movie theater… but I cried because it was too loud so SD took me home.  My chorus class also performed a bunch of B&B songs for the annual broadway review show.

Today was spent lounging outside on the deck, swimming in the pool, and working on a *secret* project (which I’ll reveal at a later time) on the porch.  After being in the sun, I always feel like slipping into a comfortable dress.  Normally, I would choose a cotton J. Crew dress… but recently, I’ve fallen in love with Vineyard Vines’ Nautical Toss Tokeneke dress.  It’s incredibly comfortable! 
I’m also mad (not really) at California Funk.  Thanks to him, I have Taylor Swift songs stuck in my head!  It’s not a bad thing though because she’s A-MA-ZING.  I’m basically obsessed with “Hey Stephen” and “You Belong With Me.”  The lyrics are basically the stories of my life.  Hmmm…

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I just saw your "Hallie-we're like twins" twitter. Yep, watching the Parents Trap on Disney myself at the beach! Gotta love summer!