Well… it’s just a baby giveaway… But…
This could be yours!

Nautical wooden frame with your monogram!
Here’s the deal!  
Who: You, silly!
What:  I want to see everyone’s favorite BEACH photo.
Where: Any beach (lakes count, too!)
When:  The deadline for this mini is on next Friday, June 12th.
Why:    I’ve literally been craving the beach (which is weird because I normally dread going) and beach is practically the definition of summer.  
How: Copy and paste the template below into your own blog post.  Obviously, you’re going to put your own picture and description into your post 🙂
Then, skip on back to this post.  In a comment, you need to paste the LINK TO YOUR POST.  NOT THE ACTUAL BLOG!  This is important because I have to be able to look at your post with one click.
Then, on Friday I will look through the pictures… and with the help of Soccer Mom… I’ll choose the picture that best exemplifies SUMMER!
College Prepster is hosting a mini-giveaway to celebrate the summer!  What’s better way to do that than post favorite beach pictures?
Here’s my favorite beach picture:

 It’s my favorite picture because it really captures what the beach is about.  This is of my best friend and I two years ago.  How pretty is that sunset?  It is extremely serene and peaceful.  
If you head over to College Prepster and you can participate, too!
Have fun finding your favorite picture!  I went through albums and albums of spring break trips and summer vacations, but I kept thinking back to this one.
-College Prepster

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Gosh, I have sooo many…but have not figured out how to do this so far…will try again tomorrow, but whoever wins, it looks like a wonderful giveaway!! Y'all better get on board!!!