Monogrammed Hospital Gowns

I don’t know how many of y’all get Daily Candy emails, but they highlight some really great finds!
This morning I had an email for DK Kids.  It featured a brand called Dear Johnnies.  I clicked the link and was so surprised!  CUTE HOSPITAL GOWNS (and they can be monogrammed)!
Rachel Zinny started making the gowns after giving birth to her first daughter.  If you know someone who has to be in the hospital, I think these would make great gifts.

How stinking cute?
I hope no one HAS to go to the hospital (except to have babies!)
but, this would make it so much better!
-College Prepster

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HA! I love these- I tend to be a frequent flier at the hospital. Maybe I should invest in one now!


What a great post you sent!!! Everyone, I think, knows someone who would enjoy a nicer hospital gown…don't forget all the children who are in hospitals…now I'm thinking…what fun with kid fabrics made into hospital gowns…they would love them!!! An idea!!!!


what a great find and I hope that no one has to stay in a hospital unless they're having a beh-beh! love your mother and daughter ducklings garden spruce up- isn't it fun to do things while your father is away?! hahaha!

didn't catch IRAs yesterday- was trapped in work and same for today, but the weekend weather is going to be crummy, so I'll tune in for sure!

happy friday sweetie!



Betsy- dearjohnnies has started dearjohnnies junior, a children's line!