Sweet Summertime

Summer afternoon – summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.  ~Henry James
I could not agree more.  This week has just been wonderful.  I’ve let my mind get a little bit too much in “summer mode” and I had to start writing down all my real responsibilities that I couldn’t forget about.
Sunday was extremely relaxing.  SS, SM, and I headed over for our weekly breakfast at the country club.  SM and I decided to eat healthier, so we opted out of our normal egg breakfast for oatmeal and grapefruit halves.  SS headed off to SAT tutoring.  SM and I had been planning a garden for our backyard.  Since SD was in the Keys for a fishing tournament all weekend, we felt like it was the perfect opportunity to make a garden.  We spend the afternoon buying the supplies at Home Depot. 
We had the BEST experience at Home Depot… We started off at another popular home improvement store and it was awful.  The guy did not know what he was doing and was less than willing to help us even though we explained that we were novice (VERY novice).  I whispered to SM that we needed to go to HD and work with a “man with a plan.”  And let me tell you.  Travis, gardener from HD, was a man with a plan.
If you’re looking to start a garden, I recommend starting at Home Depot!

This is where we wanted to start the garden… I’m sure you can see why we wanted to spruce things up! Haha… This was where SD would throw weeds and “see what grew” as experiments…

Raking and pulling up the weeds… not fun!  But a good workout!  I’m still sore… OUCH.
PS If you’re getting attacked by as many mosquitos as we were, you should definitely try the new OFF Clip On.  It works SO well!!  I didn’t get one mosquito bite (only two spider bites, yum!).  Here’s a coupon for a free refill pack!

Worms and slugs were everywhere… but SM and I saw it as signs of healthy soil!

After 8 bags of new soil!

All laid out!

We have it broken up into roughly three sections.  The back two rows are flowers that attract butterflies.  And the front row has lavender, four varieties of peppers, zucchini (or yellow squash… we can’t remember what we bought so it’ll be a surprise!), cilantro, mint, parsley, and  chives.

Pink Grapefruit Green Tea from Fresh Market.  We made ours Iced and cut some fresh mint from our new garden… Oh my lord it is so delicious!
Yesterday morning, I babysat for two of my next door neighbors.  Princess is the sweetest four year old girl and Iz is a six month old.  Their six (almost seven) year old brother was in school.  While Iz was napping, Princess and I played Disney Princess Wii.  It’s surprisingly difficult and I was a smidge frustrated!  Once their mom came home, Princess and I walked to my house and we went swimming together.
Our other neighbors are getting their roof redone, so instead of sitting outside and reading, I decided it would be more private to sit on the porch.  Well, I ended up falling asleep.  It was a really good nap!
I hope everyone else is having a great summer!!!
-College Prepster

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it sounds like you've been very productive! I finally got chipping away at my summer case studies today- what a drag…


Cool garden!!! You will be able to have a stand out in front of your house to sell your produce!!! Glad you are back with new post!!!

Needs Help

enjoy your summer vacations while you still have them! i'm living vicariously through you as i sit in the office. the garden looks fabulous 🙂


Another to add …this is YOU!!!
Be true to your work, your word and your friend…Henry David Thoreau