Look to Your Right!

Honestly, I have no idea what I’m doing on Etsy!  Haha… I’ve spent a few hours more than slightly confused… BUT hopefully everything will work… Or not?
Anyways… There’s my little linky!! Right there… on the right!!! —>
If anyone has any suggestions or help, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t hesitate to share 🙂
Also, feel free to share my shop with friends and family!
Sorry this post is crazy and frantic… I’m excited, confused, frustrated, and exhausted! Oh lord…
-College Prepster

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Love your shop and will be back to order in the no to distant future!!! Not to worry…you will be successful!!!

C in VA

You’re doing a great job. Some advice: Make sure to check and pay your Etsy bill (they charge per listing and per sale).
If you decide to buy a showcase slot, do it in one of the first sections that show up (Eg. ‘gift guide’ rather than ‘art’ or whatever fits). It seems more people just flip through the first few pages.
Seriously though, if you have a specific question convo me on etsy:username classicc11