How to Be a Great Potluck Attendee

Potluck dinners always cause me stress because I never know what to bring! Louisa is here today with great suggestions. Definitely worth pinning for future reference!!!
How to Be a Great Potluck Attendee
Guest post by Louisa from Living Lou
I’ve attended and hosted my fair share of potlucks; there’s nothing better than getting together with friends to share delicious food, but there are a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to potlucks. Potlucks are the best kind of budget-friendly entertaining – we all know the holidays can get expensive. Here are the do’s and don’ts to keep in mind before heading to your next potluck. 
Do: Ask what you should bring
If dishes haven’t been delegated out, the best option is to ask the host what you should bring as they will most likely be in the know about what other attendees are bringing.There’s nothing worse than a potluck with too many appetizers or mains and not enough desserts! If the host gives you a specific dish, stick with it. If you’re still not sure what to bring, my go-to potluck dish are my 5-ingredient stuffed mushrooms. 
Tip: Send out a sign-up sheet via Facebook or email; have spots for drinks, sides, mains and desserts.
Don’t: Bring too much food
I know that sounds silly, but keep in mind that everyone will be bringing a dish, so there will be more than enough food – there’s no need to double up a recipe. This will also help to keep your costs low and allow for less food waste. 
Do: Come prepared
Bring everything you need to serve the dish, utensils, trivets, dish towels etc. most people don’t have a million extras in their kitchen. Also never assume there will be space in the fridge or in the oven! I always opt to bring dishes that can sit at room temperature and still be delicious. Cookies are always a winning choice for dessert and meatballs are another great option for a dish to serve at room temperature.
Don’t: Bring anything that requires a bowl. 
Bowls at potlucks are a big, fat no. Typically paper plates are the best option for a large potluck so bringing any kind of soup or stew is a terrible idea. Bring a dish that can be eaten off a plate with (and with a fork) to keep things simple.  
Do: Label the dish 
Labelling your dish will allow guests to know what it is and if they follow any special-diet, they’ll be aware of what they can and cannot eat. Always mention if it’s gluten-free, vegan or vegetarian to make this easier for everyone, and bonus, there are never enough veg-heavy dishes at potlucks, so if you can, keep it veggie. 
Don’t: Leave your dishes behind
Keep the work as minimal as possible for the host; always take your dish home or serve it in a disposable dish that can be thrown out and don’t forget about the utensils! 

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Jordyn Upchurch

I always try to bring something in a crock pot if I can, it really helps to keep things warm without having to rely on the hosts stove. And if by chance I do bring something that has to be eaten out of a bowl, I try to be the one to pick up spoons and disposable bowls!

xoxo, SS

The Southern Stylista


I usually forget to buy the throw away aluminum containers at the store so I always use a large glass tupperware container with a lid so that its easy to bring and bring any leftovers back home.

I love the idea of a sign up sheet, I feel like the potlucks I have gone to always end up with 5 things of cookies and no main or sides.