Sisters in the City

I’m pretty good about keeping up with posts on here, but something about the end of the year has turned my brain into mush. I was backing up pictures from my phone and realized I never shared any of these! It was too much fun to let slip through the blogging cracks.
My friend Julia lives on the other side of the country so we mostly catch up via ridiculous Snapchat videos and lengthy group texts with Garrett and Thomas (her husband). Julia and her sister Lauren were in NYC for a concert. The timing couldn’t have been better because my sister’s trip overlapped just a bit. We made plans for the three of us to shop and to have afternoon tea at The Plaza.
How cute are the “long distance” cases that Lauren does??? They’re like modern day friendship necklaces… for your iPhones.
The big sisters 😉 One thing I’ll never get used to is meeting people that you feel like you “know.” It’s so weird that Lauren and I had never met! We both felt like we knew each other from social media and stories from Julia. 
My manager in LA found a pair of the sold out J. Crew flats I’d been lusting over… I mean, they’re so festive, it’s no wonder they sold out in 0.2793 seconds. Major shoe envy over Julia’s scalloped pumps and Lauren’s OTK boots, both pairs I love and could never pull the trigger on.
Stacy, my recently-turned-24-year-old sister, arrived the following night. I picked her up from the airport and we drove into the city to see Julia and Lauren. We all agreed that Serendipity 3 would be the perfect venue for a sister date. (It’s especially great at the holidays!)
The frozen hot chocolates are to die for. The four of us had the best, best time.

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Jackie {York Avenue}

I LOVE Serendipity! The frozen hot chocolate is so good and I love how it's in an old townhouse. Even though people think of it as kind of a touristy place, I think the food is actually legitimately good.