How to Feel Like an Adult (four apps to try!)

I don’t know when it happened, but all of a sudden I’m feeling, like, super grown up. Not in my thirties exactly (although I’m totally ready to be thirty, flirty, and thriving), but I feel like an adult.
My friend and I were walking to lunch the other day and there were a bunch of high school students at a summer program from NYU. They were hanging out on the sidewalk and just being… teenagers. Sometimes it seems like just yesterday I was in high school (yearbook! chorus! ap classes!) and sometimes it feels like eons ago.
Anyway, I’m definitely still straddling the line of feeling like I have it together and feeling like I’m making it up as I go along.
Being a Gen Y 23-year-old… I’ve been relying on apps and websites to manage adulthood. Seems only fitting and only slightly ironic. But, whatever it takes!
My disclosure here… I don’t think that using an app is going to actually magically make you an adult, but it can’t hurt.
Lifebooker | I’ve really found this to be an extremely helpful app… especially living in the city. First of all, there are literally nail salons and hair salons every two feet here. But who knows where exactly where to go. And even though you’re living like an adult, we don’t exactly have tons of money to spend on hair and nails (or any other spa/salon services). Lifebooker gives you the best deals at locations in your neighborhood. (I just got a $20 gel manicure!) Find a place to get a blowout or your eyebrows waxed!
Mint | I cannot recommend this app enough. The website is really amazing for setting up your budgets and then the app is a great on-the-go solution. You can always check your accounts at any time, plus you can see different transactions. I just find it really useful to see how my budgets are mapping out for the month (aka to check to see if I still have room in my clothing budget for the booties I’ve been seriously coveting). 
Uber | I was introduced to Uber back in DC and I’ve been a fan ever since. I always feel so important when I run out of a building to catch the car that’s waiting for me… and I feel even more important jumping out the car at my destination. I like that I don’t have to worry about fussing with cash or a credit card… and I love how it comes in handy. Like when you desperately need a cab and can’t find one. Or when you’re lost in Brooklyn. (Hey, it happens.)
ZocDoc | One of my guy friends introduced this to me. I have never felt more grown up than when I was booking various appointments for visits to the doctor. (Because nothing says “adulthood” like voluntarily going to the dentist… in my opinion.) Select the type of doctor you need, your insurance, and your neighborhood. Voila! One serious trick… don’t book an appointment with a doctor who has too much availability. (Not a good sign!) Choose a doctor who has a few openings for the week.
What apps have helped you get things done?

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Lately, I have been looooving my Manilla app – it manages all of my financial accounts (bank statements, credit cards, student loans) and both compiles documents, like statements, in one place, but also gives me alerts when a bill payment is coming up. So convenient!

Marina Boykis

I'm the community manager for BillGuard and our users believe that it's the fastest way to stay on top of their spending. We make it fun (yes, would you believe it?) and fast to archive your charges so that you never have to go back to the same ones. Hope you'll check it out. We may even help you discover a charge that you never should have paid


Definitely downloading the Lifebooker App and ZocDoc. I have a dentist appointment today that I almost forgot about so this idea comes at the perfect time. These apps will definitely make my transition to adulthood a little bit smoother!


I love this!! Especially mint. Im going to check that out right now. Managing your money is so much easier when you can see where the majority of it goes. I know i spend way too much on clothes.