#ProjectApartment Is Underway

I’m getting there. I don’t completely hate my apartment right now. That is progress.  My bank account? Not so pleased. But… that’s okayish.
I’ve been on an absolute mission to get my apartment in decent shape. There’s nothing like a hard deadline (omg Wednesday) to kick things into full gear. Plus I’ve been here for almost exactly a year and it’s about time I take care of my apartment.
Here are two of my favorite parts right now:
My bed. I turned it 90 degrees, which I didn’t think was possible… but it works with approximately four centimeters to spare. I don’t know anything about feng shui at all, but I swear I have been sleeping so much better with this new set up!

Some things that haven’t gone so well:
A sketchy encounter with Craigslist
Too-short nightstands
Wallpaper shipped to the wrong address (my fault, now it’s lost in the mail…..)
An outlet I was counting on doesn’t actually work
Four lightbulbs that need to be replaced but I’m not tall enough to reach… Hmmm…
Websites that have been lifesavers:
Curated sales. And discounts. Nothing better.
Definitely have a long way to go with my apartment, but it’s definitely moving in the right direction.
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Kimberly Topolewski

I've been in my apartment for a little over a year and I have yet to take any pictures of it for friends and family.. or even my blog! I still have to print pictures and put them in frames for a small gallery wall and get some storage bins for my laundry area.

I don't think your place (apartment, home) will ever be complete, always new things to buy and style! 🙂

carelessly graceful

Anna Selby

Good luck on your apartment! It's looking great so far. I love the simplicity and cleanness of it all. When I moved into my first place, I was obsessed with decorating it, and still am. But since I live with two other girls I really only decorate my bedroom, and I cant wait to graduate and get a place with my boyfriend where I can decorate the whole thing.

Thanks for sharing pictures of your interior design conquests! Keep 'em coming! 🙂

Stitchfox — A blog on thrifting and stitching


I hade designed the PERFECT apartment last year in Philadelphia and then decided to up and move to London! It is so frustrating starting from scratch, but the transformation in making a space truly yours is so worth it! It's great when it all finally feels like your own 🙂

Ruthie Rose

Good luck!! It looks like you are making great progress. Trial and error is oftentimes the best way to design a space. And those sites are lifesavors for our home decor needs as well! Keep sharing updates… we'd love to see the transformation! xo

Ruthie & Rose