How to Get the Best Price for Textbooks

My freshman year at Georgetown, I made the huge mistake of buying textbooks from the bookstore on campus. Seriously, worst idea ever. I bought brand new books and would have been better off paying for them by promising them my first born child.
I gradually learned over time that I searching online could lead to better prices and I even rented a few textbooks throughout the year. With five classes a semester and at least two books per class, this search turned into essentially a full-time job. I’d have books in every cart with about 800 tabs open. (One year, I accidentally got two of the same textbooks and forgot one class altogether, whoops…)

Of course, I didn’t hear about Slugbooks until after I was done with college textbook buying. (As the oldest sister in my family, I’m pretty used to having to figure things out the hard way and passing along the secret tips and tricks along after I’ve struggled and messed up 4972 times beforehand. #yourewelcomestacy) The process is basically the same as when you’re searching for plane tickets online!

Once you get the textbook list from your school/class/professor, simply add the ISBN or title into Slugbooks and then it will tell you where you can get the absolute best price. You can even compare books, like different editions, by including multiple ISBNs.

Saves time and money! Don’t forget to share with friends, roommates, sorority sisters, etc!

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Audrey Lin

Perfect timing, how do you do it? I'm finishing up packing right now and am flying out for my freshman year of college in the morning. Looking forward to surviving the year with a few–scratch that, I mean many–more of your blog posts! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Fawn Smith

Isn't that top image from an old J Crew catalog with text 'Best Textbook Prices' added to the image? Since this is a sponsored post, shouldn't you give credit to the image source?

Samantha Kay

I've always found Amazon to have the cheapest prices for textbooks. However, it works best when you can get your book list a head of time. Since they come from numerous sellers sometimes it can take up to two weeks to get your books. Of course you can always get expedited shipping.
Best of luck college goers.

I posted another college worthy post on my blog about sororities. Check it out if you are interested.


another great comparison site is, just like you I found out about this site after college. Although, I had been using and for my undergrad so I still saved a few bucks.

Sarah McDonald

This will be such a life saver. Text books are so expensive. I have barely look at a few I have bought! Thankyou for sharing. This will save me a lot of money in the future.