Rag and Bone Cricket Sweater

My dream sweater. After seeing Ashley Benson wear this Rag & Bone sweater on the cover of Cosmo, I’ve been absolutely lusting after it. It’s even better in person if you can believe it. The perfect weight to wear during a cool evening and the perfect drape for a casual, chic look. (Casual, chic might just be my new personal style motto.)
I know I’ve mentioned this before, but Nordstrom is definitely one of my favorite places to stock up on staples because they have all my favorite brands and designers. My mom and I always hit up Nordstrom when I’m home (and I always run into amazing blog readers there!)… and the online experience is just as great. Free shipping, free returns, and it’s crazy fast.
Hello, perfect length. How adorable would the sweater be with leggings for study dates and coffee shop hopping?
I’ve seen it paired with skirts online before, but I think the jeans is a no-fuss option. Light wash during the summer and a darker wash when the seasons change.
One last thing about these shoes. These shoes. I had pink converse when I was younger and thought I was so cool. Pretty sure they just made my feet look giant and clownish. These Converse sneeks are the perfect combination of the classic shoe with feminine details. After three wears, they were completely broken in. PS They’re priced amazingly and currently Nordstrom has a special price when you purchase two pairs.
Ray-Ban Aviators // Monogram Necklace (similar) // Cable Bracelet // Nail Polish

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I've been looking for some warm new sweaters for the cooler fall and winter months in college and I love this sweater. I love how long it is because I/m really tall. I can totally see this is leggings and riding boots come fall 🙂

Annie Belle


I spent the past year living in England, and white converse are HUGE over there – everyone wears them! It's cool to see the look finally coming over to the US! Also, I enjoy the fact that you've been posting about Nordstrom's a lot lately because they are legit the best department store. My mom and I always love going to Nordstrom's together because they have the best customer service! 🙂

Kelsey Odorczyk

this outfit is actually cute and you look comfortable and natural in it, and it flatters you. hope to see you in more outfits like this, albeit not "preppy"


Happy to see I'm not the only one who pulled this sweater out late in the season. I love how yours fit. I purchased mine early in the summer from Saks during my lunch break. I was in a rush to pick a few pieces before heading to the hamptons. By accident I grabbed a large but didn't realize until I was about to put it on that Saturday night. Yours has the perfect, modest plunge. Because mine is so big, I was tugging it higher over my shoulders all night. I posted pics of it on Aug. 4th. Regardless, I love it.

Yazzys Corner

I absolutely love baggy sweaters/jumpers like these to wear in the autumn and winter. I really love the casual look too! You look great in this outfit. I used to have bright pink converse too and they made my feel look gigantic! Seriously. And because I've got really skinny legs you can imagine how clown-like my feet looked.

Yazmin xx


Casual chic is the PERFECT style motto. I always like to be comfortable. If I can't feel comfortable in my clothes then forget about it. But I still want to feel like I look good. Casual chic really embodies finding the balance of comfortable and fashionable. I hope you don't mind if I start borrowing this phrase (:

– Kelsey

haley hoewt

I bought these converses for a more feminine look about 6 months ago. I wanted to love them so badly, but my feet are WAY too narrow to wear them without them slipping off. The actual converses (in white) I have found are just as precious though-even cuter with dresses and skirts! 🙂

Vi Nguyen

I like this look on you! Still preppy but a tad edgier with the deep V neck. And the jeans and converses add the dose of casual chic 🙂


I adore the sweater and the entire look. However, I can in no way afford, or would want to spend $400 on a sweater, and I have a feeling most readers here are the same. I realize that this is your blog and that Nordstrom gave you or let you pick out the sweater, but I just think it is a little disappointing to showcase such a beautiful sweater that is completely unrealistic for the majority of your audience. I can always find expensive and awesome clothes, but what is trickier is finding a cheap way to replicate this outfit. Not to be rude, just my thought!