Odds and Ends

A few random things that I wasn’t sure I could make into a full post… but I didn’t want them to fall by the wayside either. 
ONE // Gasparilla Inn
My family has been trying to do a yearly vacation for a few years now. We always tried to do something growing up but sports practices, regattas, and tournaments tended to get in the way as we got a little older. And then there was work. But for some reason, it seems easier to get everyone on the same page with work than it ever was with sports. We skipped this years “spring break” trip and I’ve been itching for a legit beach vacation. (Even though I visit my family in Florida, we don’t get to the beach often.)
Stacy and I were texting each other about both wanting to go someplace sunny. I found relatively inexpensive flights. She took one day off of work. And a trip to Boca Grande was booked. (We also decided we should loop our parents into the trip too so the whole fam is going!)

We’re staying at the Gasparilla Inn and I’m sooo excited. We’re going in less than two weeks. That may just be the best part of last minute trips, we don’t have to wait too long!

TWO // I bought a bike!
Honestly, it was kind of an impulse buy. Every single time I’m at my parent’s house, I want a bike to ride. I had an amazing one at school in DC but had to sell it when I graduated. I found a great deal for a cute little cruiser and went for it. (My mom picked it up pre-assembled for me in Tampa!) I even got a little basket for it too!
THREE // Starbucks Iced Coffee

A few weeks ago I attended a press preview for Starbucks. They had all kinds of stations set up with new drinks to sample. I walked out of there with a serious caffeine buzz and a new favorite drink. I’ve always loved Starbucks iced coffees, especially during the summer. I tried one of the bottled iced coffees you can get at the store (like Target) and now I’m hooked. I buy one of the big bottles every week. While I still make my regular hot coffee in the morning, this has turned into my favorite mid-day pick me up.

It has an amazing, rich flavor. Better than in the store because it’s consistent and strong. I had Julia try it while she was here last week and she loved it too. Try it and let me know how addicted you get!

FOUR // Drew Barrymore’s Wildflower

After going years without driving, I now love hopping in the car. For small errands, longer drives, and everything in between. When I drive alone, I love listening to audio books. I recently downloaded Drew Barrymore’s Wildflower and have been really enjoying it. She narrates it and does a wonderful job. Not only is the recording quality high, she gets emotional at points and it feels like she’s sitting right there next to me in the car chatting. I’m only about halfway through, but I’d definitely recommend it. She was certainly a wild child and some of those parts are hard to listen to because she had pretty much no parental guidance. But it’s interesting how she created her own path in life.

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Ashley Bautista

How did you get it pre assembled?!?! I just went to the target site to buy it but it says assembly required 🙁 i love the basket that you ordered, too!


Are you on any kind of driving restriction because of your seizure? The law here in GA is 6 months seizure-free…so frustrating!! Love your blog and I hope you stay well!


I have been buying the unsweetened iced coffee, it's in a green top bottle by all the refrigerated juices, by Starbucks for months. It is so good! I usually make my own cold brew but for weeks when my weekends don't allow the time to cold brew for the week that Starbucks bottle, it's a big bottle I think I get 5-6 8oz. servings) is my life saver! So yummy!

Meagan Roll

Girl, I have the exact same bike! I bought it last summer and cruise around town for brunch, flower pick-ups, and visiting friends. I love mine, I hope you'll love it, too!



Odds and Ends

I honestly thought it was Thursday all day on Tuesday. Sadly mistaken when I looked at my calendar and realized that I had only been at it a day and a half for the week. To be honest, I love these kinds of weeks though. The hustle and bustle can definitely be amazing, reminds me why I live in the city!
I renewed my lease for another year and I recently celebrated my second year anniversary of moving here, but I don’t think the city will be a “forever” home for me. I thought for sure when I moved here it would be… but who knows. I kind of like the fact that I can kind of go wherever! That doesn’t mean that I’m not beyond grateful for the things I can experience here… in fact, I feel like it makes me more appreciative because I don’t know how many more falls or winters or springs or summers I’ll have.
And this city really is pretty magical. As annoying, frustrating, and disgusting it can be, it’s the magic that really makes it special. (The people, the opportunities, the hustle and the bustle.)
Some of the things I’ve been up to this week:

I mean, this face. Teddy’s almost one and I can’t believe it. He’s growing up so fast and developing a funnier and funnier personality every day. He was super cute as a puppy, but I have to say… it’s a lot more enjoyable to have a trained dog! (And he now sleeps until 7, which is so nice on the weekends.)
A Saturday morning treat: breakfast by myself. Maison Kayser is just down the street from my apartment and it’s the best atmosphere, especially if you get there before the brunch crowd. Definitely the best way to kick off the weekend.
Amy and I hadn’t seen each other in ages so we planned a fun little adventure on Sunday. An old-fashioned soda fountain shop opened up in the West Village called Hamilton’s. It’s incredibly cute. Perfect spot for (coffee) milkshakes and French fries and lots of catching up.
^^ Definition of magic in the city.
Wearing: Blazer // Dress (old J. Crew) // Monogrammed Crossbody (c/o) // Ballet Flats
Major highlight on Monday? Going to a screening of If I Stay. Chloe Grace Moretz, Jamie Blackley, and Gayle Forman (the author!) were all there. I read the book in preparation and really loved it; the movie did not disappoint. Warning: bring tissues.

A fun video interview and quick photo session (think sequins and leopard!) on Tuesday morning with… Can’t wait to share!

… and then one of my life dreams came true. I went to the Martha Stewart office. I wish my mom had been with me because I think she would have died. It is everything. An entire room of props…  any and everything you can think of times 39829. Plus, it was just an incredible office space. I couldn’t believe how many employees there were and everyone’s desk was exactly what you’d imagine for Martha Stewart employees. I was there for a photoshoot for the Martha Stewart line of pet products for Petsmart. It was like walking into a snow globe with puppies!!!!!!! Too much fun.
And then I wrapped up the day with oysters and drinks with Katie from Three Jane. I featured her amazing map necklaces on my blog a long time ago, but we had never officially met. She’s so sweet and we really enjoyed Grand Banks– an oyster bar on a sail boat. So perfect. 
Phew! See what I mean about thinking it was Thursday?! How has your week been going?

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Wow, sounds like you have already had a crazy week! My week as been a bit hectic too because all my friends are leaving for school. It has been a mixture of trying to see everyone before they leave, sad goodbyes, running last minute errands, and still going to work! Ah crazy but still so much fun.

Annie Belle

Gigi @ Dolce and Gabriella

Oh my goodness…look at all you've done and it's only Tuesday! You're putting the rest of us to shame here 🙂

I understand what you mean about New York not being your "forever" home. I did an internship in New York this summer and loved it, but not in a "I want to live my whole life here!" kind of way. I think because so much of what I want to do is located in New York, I'll end up there for a while–but there's no place like the West Coast for me.

Love, Gigi
Dolce and Gabriella


i can relate to the forever home – when i moved out at 18 to a big city near amsterdam, i thought 'this is it, forever!', though now i have a really really strong urge to move back to a certain city near my hometown, where i never thought i'd go back again. funny how things work sometimes!
xo, cheyenne


Looks like you had a few fun-filled days. Omg, I haven't had a ice cream soda since I was a little kid and my nana took me for one. I remember it was an older looking pharmacy over on the south shore of Long Island. The one you girls had looks delicious! Grand Banks, I haven't been there all summer. However, I've organized an end of summer gathering there with friends in September. I just love when the summer share, wknd hussle to the Hamptons or Fire Island is over and we're all back in the city. Can't wait!

Krystal @ Krystal's Korner

I get the forever home thing. I've lived in both the city & suburbs and I don't know which I prefer. There's so many aspects I love about each and then a few things I don't like. There's plenty of time to decide on where you want your forever home to be though! Enjoy the city – there's nothing like it!

Vett Vandiver

sounds like a good week so far! NYC is a tough city for anyone to stay in forever, it's fun while you're young but you should definitely try other cities since like you said, you can!! 🙂


What a great start to the week! Congrats on getting to go to Martha Stewart.. that's so cool! And Teddy looks adorbs as always!



Fun! And I never do this, but what is that nail polish in the breakfast photo? It's perfect for the transition from summer to fall.

Taylor Hoffman

Sounds like a fun week so far!! Just reading about the Martha Stewart offices is so exciting…I love all things organizing and office supplies…it was probably amazing! Teddy looks so adorable!

xo, Taylor

Mana Smith

I adore the Martha Stewart Line at Pet Smart. A lot of Howl's things come from there. And I can't wait to see her the Christmas line! Teddy is so cute, and I fully agree with you, a puppy is cute and wonderful, but having a trained dog is the best!

Fashion and Happy Things

Kaitlin Olivero

Awesome week so far! How exciting 🙂
Did you tailor the sleeves on your schoolboy blazer? I have the same but with full sleeves, and as always you look very darling xo